All The Best Gifts On Amazon

Whether you're gearing up for a holiday or preparing for an upcoming birthday party, you're probably on the market for a unique gift. But here's the thing: You don't have to spend hours searching for one. So many of the very best gifts on Amazon are high-quality and super unique — and they can get delivered right to your door.

The catch is actually finding those hidden gems, which isn't always easy. Most of the time, the best gifts are the ones you didn't even realize you needed — like a hands-free soap dispenser for the guest bathroom or hot plate that keeps your coffee warm all day. I know those are the kinds of gifts that I like to receive the most, because it makes me feel like someone really took the time to consider what I need.

But how do you find those gems that'll make your loved ones feel as special as they are? Sure, word-of-mouth is always good — and you can spend hours combing the mall, hoping you find the perfect product. But honestly, your best option is to flip through gift guides that have already done the legwork for you (like this one).

Here's a collection of some of the most ingenious, useful, and really fun gifts on Amazon that'll help make your life a little easier.

1. A Cordless Wine Opener That's Rechargeable

This cordless wine opener is an absolute must for anyone who loves vino. It's made from sleek stainless steel and comes with its own charging station. However, one charge on this wine opener can open up to 30 bottles — and all you need to do is position it over the cork and press a button. And as a bonus, it comes with a chiller.

2. A Stainless Steel Mug Warmer That Comes With A Cup

This genius, FDA-approved mug warmer set is the perfect gift for anyone who works long hours at their desk. It comes with a small, stainless steel hot plate that heats up to a whopping 230 degrees Fahrenheit, along with a compatible mug that helps hold in the warmth. But if you'd rather use your favorite ceramic mug instead, you can do so.

3. A Popcorn Set That's Great For Movie Nights

This popcorn kit is jam-packed with everything you need for a movie night in. It comes with a popcorn maker that cooks delicious stovetop popcorn in three minutes — and it's guaranteed not to burn. The kit also comes with four mini tubs that you can eat your popcorn out of.

4. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Also Works With Tea

Whether you prefer cold brew or iced tea, this glass carafe infuser will make both taste ridiculously smooth. Its stainless steel filter holds your coffee or tea right in the water, so it has plenty of time to infuse — and the mesh is so fine that it'll prevent the grains from slipping out. The lid also offers an airtight seal to keep your pick-me-up fresh for days.

5. A Vintage Toaster That Warms Your Hotdogs And Buns

This vintage toaster is tons of fun — especially for get-togethers and family barbecues. It works just like a regular toaster; only it's made to fit hot dogs and buns. More specifically, it can toast two hot dogs and two buns simultaneously. That way, they're warm, crisp, and ready to eat at the same time.

6. A Clay Mug That Doubles As a Handwarmer

This gorgeous clay mug does more than hold your favorite beverage; it also doubles as a hand warmer. Just fill up it up with coffee or tea, and then slip your hand right into the contoured handle. Your palm will stay toasty-warm against the ceramic surface while you drink up. Plus, it's totally microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

7. An Essential Oil Diffuser That Glows With Rainbow Colors

Not only will this essential oil diffuser make your room smell delightful, but it'll also double as a cool-mist humidifier. It has two misting levels so you can decide how much water vapor or lingering scents you want — and you can choose your favorite pastel color. If you can't pick your favorite, no worries; this diffuser will circulate through all of the colors to create a relaxing atmosphere.

8. This Ramen Cooker That Makes A Meal In Minutes

This ramen cooker is a game-changer for busy folks who don't have time to make an extravagant meal. It's made from BPA-free plastic that's ultra-durable — and to use it, you just have to pile your ramen and toppings into it. Then, fill the bowl with water and put it into the microwave. It'll cook your noodles in three minutes or less.

9. The French Press Kit That Looks Gorgeous In Your Kitchen

This french press kit is a great gift for your favorite coffee-lover. Not only does it make savory, rich coffee, but it also features a stainless steel leaf design that looks stunning on your countertop. The kit also comes with two stirring spoons, a measuring spoon, and two replaceable mesh filters.

10. A Magnet That Tells You When To Do The Dishes

This adorable magnet lets your family know when dishes are clean or dirty (without having to open the dishwasher). The "clean" side features a sour-looking cat in a bathtub, and the "dirty" side features a cat lounging happily near a trash can. Plus, at only three inches across, the fun magnet makes a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a sense of humor.

11. This Mini Blender That You Can Take On-The-Go

If you know someone who's always stopping for a smoothie on their way to work, plan on giving them this portable blender. It blends various smoothie ingredients in under 20 seconds — and the best part is that it's small, lightweight, and rechargeable, so you can take it anywhere. Seriously: You can blend a green juice on your way into the office — and when you get there, you can detach the bottle from the blender and drink it right at your desk.

12. A Festive Pumpkin-Shaped Waffle Iron

For only $10, you can give your fall-loving friend a mini waffle maker that makes their breakfast pumpkin-shaped. It works like a regular waffle maker, only this eye-popping orange option turns all your waffles into adorable pumpkins. On top of that, this mini appliance is extra-slim and lightweight, so it's easy to store.

13. The Tiny Space Heater To Get You Through Cold Times

For your chronically-cold friend, this mini space heater is a much-needed gift. It's only 6 inches tall, so it can fit perfectly under your desk at work (or just about anywhere in your home where you need a little extra heat). And thanks to its 6-foot long cord, you won't have to worry about sitting directly next to an outlet in order to use it.

14. An Eye Pillow That Smells Like Lavender

This scented eye pillow can help you relax whenever you need to. It's filled with flaxseeds — so when you place this pillow over your eyes, the weight gently relieves pressure around your sinuses and soothes headaches. It's also infused with calming lavender buds — and for an even more relaxing experience, you can heat it in the microwave so it's warm on your skin.

15. This Gift Set That Includes Popular Essential Oils

This essential oil set is an excellent gift for anyone who's just getting started with oils. It comes with lemongrass and orange oils, along with ultra-soothing lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint. All six oils are therapeutic-grade with no chemicals or fillers.

16. A Body Scrub That's Made With Himalayan Salt

Help your loved ones slough dry skin off with this soothing body scrub. It's made from a blend of nutrient-dense ingredients that also smell amazing (like almond oil, Vitamin E, and Himalayan salt). When it's applied to skin, it works first to exfoliate — and then, the rich nutrients go to work to leave your skin buttery-soft when you step out of the shower.

17. This Bar Of Soap That's Literally Made With Wine

This wine soap is guaranteed to be a hit at your next gift exchange. It's made with real red wine — but it's also infused with cranberry and rosemary, so even your friends who don't love wine as much as you do go will enjoy it. Plus, it's super silky and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

18. These Bamboo Washcloths That Feel So Soft

You can host a spa day at home with these luxe bamboo washcloths. They're made with soft bamboo, which feels like a dream against your skin — but they're just textured enough to exfoliate your complexion without being abrasive. These are also anti-microbial, so they won't hold onto scents.

19. A Jumbo Bath Bomb Set With Unique Scents

Give someone the gift of alone time in the tub with this bath bomb set. It comes with six extra-large, paraben-free bath bombs in a variety of scents, including "Drama Queen," "Shea Bliss," and more. They even come in an adorable gift box so you can skip the wrapping paper altogether.

20. This Bath Soak That's Made From Dried Flowers

This bath soak is a must-have for your tired, overworked friend who needs some downtime. It's a blend of high-quality salts and dried herbs and flowers (like lavender and calendula). A few shakes from the jar make bathwater smell like a dream. Plus, the salt naturally soothes sore muscles and helps heal cuts and bruises.

21. These Rose Gold Masks That Are Super Hydrating

These face masks are super luxurious and a lot of fun to share. The pack comes with five rose gold masks that are literally made with gold, hyaluronic acid, rose hip oil, and sunflower oil. They help to maximize hydration within minutes, leaving your skin petal-soft for days. Plus, they're completely hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

22. This Thick Hand Cream That Smells Like Roses

Give this rich hand cream to your friends or family members who have dry skin. It's made from a nourishing blend of shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, baobab seed oil, rose hip oil, glycerin, and Vitamin E. One customer wrote, "Very thick and creamy. A light scent that makes you feel as if you've put your nose right up against a bouquet of roses."

23. A Soothing Muscle Soak Made With Essential Oils

For the athlete in your life, this soothing muscle soak is a must-have. It'll help pull tension and pain from stiff muscles while promoting relaxation. The soak made from a unique blend of wintergreen clary sage, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, and more — and it's fully organic, so it's great for sensitive skin.

24. These Gel Socks That Keep Your Feet Moisturized

Who wouldn't want a pair of these cozy gel socks? For one, they're extremely soft on the inside — so it's like treating sore, tired feet to a massage. They also have a special inner lining that releases soothing botanicals that actually heal dry, cracked skin (all while you're lounging in luxury).

25. These Peppermint Lip Balms That Are Completely Natural

Not only is this creamy lip balm completely organic, but it's also healing. It's made from rich shea butter and refreshing peppermint oil, so it emits a fresh scent while moisturizing your lips. On top of that, these balms also come in a pack of four so you can spread the love.

26. A Face Cream For Acne That's Infused With Tea Tree Oil

This non-toxic face cream boasts the ability to heal dry skin — and over 1,000 reviewers agree. It contains various ingredients that soothe acne-prone skin — like tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and zinc — but it also features additional rich, soothing ingredients like pomegranate seed oil.

27. This Lemon Verbena Soap That's Made From Plants

This luxury soap is a great gift for anyone who loves to come out of the shower feeling silky and refreshed. It's made from all high-quality, plant-based ingredients that are as good for your skin as they feel — and it's infused with rich essential oils. The soap is also extra gentle, so you can use it on all types of skin.

28. An Electric Device That Cleans Your Makeup Brushes

Instead of scrubbing your brushes by hand and waiting for them to dry out, turn on this brush cleaner and let it do the work for you. It comes with eight rubber "collars" that you can use to secure different brushes — and you can even use the device to dry them out after you've cleaned them.

29. This Eyeshadow Palette With Almost 90 Pigments

Your makeup-savvy friends would be super pumped to get an eyeshadow palette. There are 60 highly-pigmented eyeshadows that range from soft neutrals to eye-popping neons, along with 12 shimmery highlighters that you can apply everywhere from your brows to your cheekbones. And as a bonus, there are various blush pods to choose from. Plus, the sleek carrying case makes it super easy to travel with.

30. The Glitter Gel That Comes In Tons Of Colors

Not only is this Unicorn Snot gel super fun, but it's actually pretty useful, too. It's a vegan, gel-based glitter adhesive that you can apply directly onto your face or hair. It comes in tons of bright colors that give your skin a subtle tint — and the glitter-infused into the gel actually stays on all day long.

31. A Bamboo Brush Set Designed By Makeup Artists

This brush set is a total steal — and it's great quality, too. For only $10, it comes with 12 brushes that have ergonomic bamboo handles. The whole set has even been designed by professional makeup artists, so you know you're getting the best of the best.

32. A Face Roller That's Made From Rose Quartz

Give your loved one the gift of relaxed skin with this rose quartz roller. Both ends of the roller are made with real rose quartz — and that alone makes it feel like a luxurious treat. But over 2,000 reviewers swear that rolling their face with this little tool each day has made their skin noticeably softer and smoother. Some reviewers even like to pop this roller in the fridge to reduce puffiness.

33. A Beauty Kit With Natural Cosmetics

This gorgeous beauty set has everything you need to put your makeup on and take it off. It comes with a dusty red lip gloss stick, natural black mascara, and a brown eyeshadow palette. Plus, it even comes with a pack of Burt's Bees' signature facial cloths for sensitive skin. Wipe away your makeup at the end of the day, and do it all over again the next morning.

34. This Minty Cream That Soothes Sore Feet

This foot cream gives your loved ones the gift of ultra-hydrated skin. It's made with luxe shea butter, and it's infused with high-quality lavender oil. It's also made with arnica, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. It even has a touch of mint, which is a cooling game-changer for swollen feet. Reviewers have written that this cream has pretty much saved them from cracks and fissures in their skins.

35. A Compact Mirror With A Powerful LED Light

This compact mirror is a great gift for anyone who's always on-the-go. It features a magnified mirror that's surrounded by a bright LED light so you can check out your makeup with ease. The best part? It's totally rechargeable. In fact, it even comes with a USB charger — so you can pretty much power it anywhere.

36. This Bamboo Pillow That's Filled With Memory Foam

This bamboo pillow will help keep you cool all night long, thanks to its breathable lining. The inside is stuffed with shredded memory foam that literally cradles your head and neck while you sleep. This pillow even comes with a removable pillowcase that's machine-washable.

37. A Shaggy Throw Blanket That's Lined With Sherpa

One side of this extra-large throw blanket is constructed with luxe, shag-style fabric — and the other is made from buttery-soft sherpa fleece. It's also fairly large, so you can share it with your family or wrap yourself up like a burrito on a cold night. Choose from over 30 different colors that are all machine-washable.

38. This Herbal Candle That Burns For 20 Hours

This votive candle smells like spring, because it's infused with lemongrass and ginger. It's also made with hints of lavender, rosemary, and thyme for an extra-refreshing scent. And even though this is a small votive, it has over 20 hours of burn time — so it's truly a gift that lasts.

39. The Infusing Bottle That Makes Your Water Taste Like Fruit

Buy this BPA-free fruit-infusion bottle for your friend so they can save some cash on fancy waters at the store. It's super simple to use; just fill the central infuser with your favorite fresh fruit, snap it into the bottle, fill the container water, and then let it do its magic. You can change up the flavor as often as you want using different fruit.

40. These Pillow Shams That Are Ridiculously Soft

These cozy pillow shams are made from ultra-soft velvet flannel that feels amazing against your skin. Plus, their shaggy appearance adds a pop of texture to your bed — and their neutral cream shade looks great in just about any room (regardless of the decor).

41. A Chic, Earthy Wreath To Dress Up Your Door

Instead of adding bright pops of color to your home decor, display this wreath on your door. It's spun with soft, natural cotton that gives it a whimsical, yet earthy look — and its neutral appearance is bound to look great in just about any home. Plus, it even expands to fit various doors.

42. This Travel Set With A Pillow And Compression Socks

This pillow-and-socks combo will come in handy during long flights. The pillow has a soft fleece cover, and it actually keeps your head in place while you're sitting up and resting. The set also comes with a pair of knee-high compression socks to utilize while you're up in the air for hours.

43. This Projector That Makes Your Room Look Like A Galaxy

This mini projector will shower your room with an entire galaxy with the press of a button. As soon as you turn it on, it'll cover your space with a nebula cloud and tons of tiny stars — and it slowly rotates to give you the feeling that you're flying through space. But if you'd rather feel firmly planted to the ground, it's easy to slow down or completely stop the rotation.

44. A Tiny Succulent Vase That's Shaped Like A Corgi

This precious dog vase is made with resin and shaped like a corgi — and it can literally fit in the palm of your hand. Plus, the opening on top is big enough for a little succulent. There's also a small hole at the bottom to allow for ventilation so your plant gets the oxygen it needs to thrive.

45. This Gorgeous Orchid Plant That Lights Up

While this light-up orchid plant isn't actually real, it's super realistic (and way less maintenance, to be honest). There are also tons of tiny LED lights placed throughout the petals so that it actually gives off a soft, romantic glow. It's battery-operated, and it's guaranteed to stay lit for over 150 hours of continuous use. You can choose from white or purple.

46. A Throw Blanket That Keeps You Toasty-Warm

Your chronically-cold family member will be in love with this heated throw blanket. It features extra-soft fleece on one side and sherpa-style fabric on the other. The highlight, though, is the internal heating system. Plug this blanket in, crank up the heat on the attached remote, and then settle in for an all-day rest fest. There's even an automatic shut-off function that kicks in after three hours.

47. A Book That Explains Complicated Stuff In Simple Terms

This genius book uses the 1,000 most-used words in the English language to explain complicated concepts, and it's pretty hilarious. Some examples included on its product page are "the bags of stuff inside you" (which are cells in your body), and the "boxes that make clothes smell better" (which are washers and dryers).

48. An Adjustable LED Lamp That's Shaped Like A Tree

Not only is this unique tree lamp super cute, but it's also totally adjustable. Each branch can be configured into different shapes, so the possibilities of what your tree can look like are pretty much endless. Plus, this lamp runs on super low voltage — and the bulbs add a warm, buttery glow to any room.

49. A Beautiful Kettle That Makes Pour-Over Coffee

This stainless steel kettle features a sleek, modern design with sharp angles and a black matte handle. It even has a thermometer inside the lid that lets you know the perfect temperature to make a delicious batch of coffee every time. You can pick your favorite shade from the following finishes: copper, matte white, matte black, and polished.

50. This Mug That Shows Secret Constellations When It's Hot

Stargazers would be thrilled to get this heat-activated mug as a gift. When you first open it, it looks like a typical black mug with tiny white dots all over it. But as soon as you fill it with your favorite tea or coffee, it starts to change. The heat activates the coating so that 11 different constellations appear, making it a fun gift for avid astronomers and novices alike

51. The Night Light That Looks Like A Fairy Garden

Your favorite plant lover will rave about this adorable mushroom night light. Instead of a typical bulb, this one has three synthetic mushrooms and five leaves that give off a soft, fairy-like glow. It also features a small sensor at the bottom that's triggered by the brightness in the room — and the night light colors will soften or grow more intense depending on how bright your space is.

52. A Stainless Steel Knife Set That Comes With A Sharpener

This sleek knife set features 13 stainless steel knives with modern black blades that sit inside the included clear block. The set also comes with a pair of handy kitchen scissors and a knife sharpener — so when any of your blades start to get dull, you can quickly sharpen them up so they're just like new again.

53. These Fancy Coasters That Are NSFW

These fancy coasters have a profane warning that'll make your guests laugh. They're made of ceramic and feature a neutral marble design, and they advise your friends not to mess with the table (in so many words). With coasters this fun, there's no reason why your guests wouldn't reach for one before setting down their drinks.

54. The Glass Vase That Predicts The Weather

If you're looking for a truly unique gift, this storm glass centerpiece hits all the right marks. It's shaped like a teardrop on a wooden base, and it's filled with small crystals that actually change shape according to the weather. Plus, you can press a button on the wooden base for a color-changing LED light that gives it an additional touch.

55. These Skeleton Prints For Your Bathroom Decor

Make your friends laugh when you give them this set of skeleton prints for their bathroom. They feature a skeleton doing typical bathroom things, such as sitting on the toilet and mopping the floor. The images come in glossy finishes that would look amazing framed and hanging in a set above your towel rack. One reviewer wrote, "These prints are wonderful! The quality is amazing, and the design is fun."

56. These Stackable Measuring Cups That Build A Mason Jar

These adorable measuring cups stack up to look like a mason jar, making them the perfect addition to any countertop. They're made with ceramic that's painted a gorgeous shade of robin's egg blue, and the set comes with four different cups. When you're finished using them, just stack them up until you're ready to bake again.

57. The Extra-Long Chopsticks That You Can Cook With

These extra-long chopsticks are great for chefs who want to experiment with different methods of cooking. They're over 16 inches long, so you can toss food around on a hot pan without scalding your hands. They're also made from high-quality wood that's oil-free, wax-free, and mildew-resistant. In other words, these chopsticks are easy to clean and will last a long time.

58. A Nonstick Cookware Set That Has Everything You Need

If you know someone who just got their own place, then this cookware set is a great gift for them. It comes with five nylon utensils, 1- and 2-quart sauce pans a 3-quart caserole dish, and a 5-quart dutch oven stockpot (all of which have their own lid!).

59. This Wooden Wine Box That You Need To Solve Before Sipping

This wooden puzzle box is the perfect gift for wine lovers, because you don't even have to wrap the bottle. Here's how it works: Place your go-to vino inside the puzzle box, lock it, and then give it to your logic-loving friend so they can try to get it out. Depending on who you give it to, they'll either be super pumped or a little frustrated (which is half the fun).

60. A Party Game Where You Finish Each Other's Sentences

This party game is really fun to play with a group of friends or family. To begin, just read a starter sentence out loud and then have each person finish it. The player who submits the funniest response card wins the round — so get creative. One customer wrote, "Great time playing this game with the family. Played through hours and had a ton of laughs."

61. A Soap Dispenser That's Totally Hands-Free

This hands-free soap dispenser works great in any bathroom. For one, it's battery-operated, so it doesn't have to be constantly plugged in and taking up outlet space. It also works with any liquid soap, so it's easy to refill — and you don't even have to touch the spout to get the right amount of soap every time.

62. The Socks That Have Images Of Your Dog On Them

These soft, customized dog socks are perfect for pet owners. They have a crew-length cut that's really cozy — but the best part is that they feature an image of your actual pup. Seriously, you can upload any picture of your dog when you order these — and then, the brand's designers will make unique socks that showcase that image.

63. These Dish Scrubbers That Look Like Tiny Fruits

These quick-drying, tiny fruit scrubbers are made with material that's tough enough to take on grease (without scratching your pans). Plus, they won't hold onto odors — and they just look really cute in your sink. One pack comes with three fruits, such as watermelons, strawberries, lemons, and more.

64. These Chains That Help You Figure Out Which One To Pull

These pull chains are absolutely genius. Instead of randomly pulling chains until you figure out which one controls the ceiling fan and which one adjusts the light, you can attach these chains to the ones you already have. One chain features a tiny metal fan, and the other features a lightbulb so you know exactly which one to pick.

65. This Uncensored Drawing Game For Your Next Party

Whether you give it to someone personally or submit it for an adults-only present exchange, this uncensored game is sure to be a hit. Similar to other creative guessing games, it asks players to pick cards and draw scenarios while other people guess what they're drawing. The team that wins is the one who makes the most accurate guesses. The best part? There are no artistic skills required to play.

66. An Umbrella That's Also A Lightsaber

Why buy someone ordinary rain gear when you can get them a lightsaber umbrella? The shaft of this unique umbrella is made with a lightsaber that actually glows. You can choose from seven different LED color options — and you can even put it into a flashlight mode for some extra shine.

67. A Car Decal That Looks Like A Monster's In Your Trunk

This monster car decal is a fun gift to slip into a stocking or card. The sticker itself is black and clear, so it'll work with any car color. Just peel off the backing and apply it to your trunk to make it look like there's something peeking out. The adhesive is also waterproof, so it won't peel or tear off in bad weather. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.