An Episode-By-Episode Breakdown Of The Songs In 'End Of The F***ing World' Season 2

'The End Of The F**king World' Season 2 is FIlled With Musical Gems

The End of the F**king World is a bleak series filled with blood and depravity, but you wouldn't know that from its Season 2 soundtrack. The songs throughout End of the F**king World are an eclectic and often upbeat mix ranging from 2000s indie rock to '50s doo-wop and '70s folk music. So, basically the opposite of what you'd expect to hear in a show largely centered around death.

Most of Season 2's music was composed by Blur's Graham Coxon, who also scored the first season. According to the Line of Best Fit, the official soundtrack will be released on Nov. 8 and will include tracks such as the suspenseful "She Knows," the dread-inducing "Meaner Than The Sea," and the catchy folk diddy "Mash Potato."

When the show isn't playing Coxon's score, though, it's usually featuring songs pretty incongruous to the events unfolding onscreen. Here's an episode-by-episode breakdown.

Episode 1

  • "How Glad I Am (You Don't Know)" - Nancy Wilson (Bonnie stops by a convenience store)
  • "My Special Angel" - The Vogues (Bonnie's backstory)
  • "The Old Man's Back Again" - Scott Walker (Bonnie's flashback to her first meeting with Clive Koch, the author from Season 1)

Episode 2

  • "Gay Human Bones" - Harlem (Alyssa's school life following Season 1)
  • "Your Very First Love" - The Dubs (Alyssa and her husband Todd's "love story")
  • "Chills and Fever" - Jet Harris (Alyssa gets a bullet with her name on it in the mail)
  • "The End Of The World" - Julie London (What happened to James after Season 1)
  • "I Love Her Still, I Always Will" - Outsiders (James in the hospital post-breakup)
  • "Ruler Of My Heart" - Irma Thomas (James' and his father go bowling)
  • "This Would Make Me Happy" - Fontella Bass (James and Alyssa reunite)

Episode 3

  • "Just A Little Bit Of Rain" - Fred Neil (Alyssa and James say good night to each other for the first time since James' shooting.)
  • "Wigwam" - Bob Dylan (Alyssa walking down the aisle at her wedding)
  • The Unusuals & Jay Hamilton - "Yeah" (James and Alyssa retrieve his car from the pound)

Episode 4

  • "What You've Done To Me" - Alma Cogan (Bonnie psyches herself up in the mirror to attack James and Alyssa)
  • "Chapel Of Dreams" - The Dubs (Alyssa's Wedding)
  • "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" - Fairpoint Convention (James and Alyssa drinking in a hotel room)
  • "Unholy Faces" - Florist (Alyssa and James kiss)
  • "Trouble Is My Middle Name" - Bobby Vinton (Alyssa, James, and Bonnie's night at the hotel come to an end)

Episode 5

  • Frank Ifield - "Say It Isn't So" (Alyssa and James wake up in their hotel room together)
  • The Shades - "Tell Me What To Do" (Bonnie tends to her wound)
  • The Chosen Gospel Singers - "Ananais" (Bonnie retrieves her gun)
  • The Kinks - "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" (Bonnie is abandoned at the pharmacy)

Episode 6

  • "Broken Heart" - The Contessas (Alyssa returns home)
  • "A Thousand Miles" - Danny & The Juniors (Alyssa reunites with her husband)

Episode 7

  • "Hoochie Coochie Man" - The Nashville Teens (A police officer and a store clerk discuss the murder Bonnie committed)
  • "I'm A Dreamer" - Josephine Foster (Alyssa and James wrestle Bonnie's gun away from her)

Episode 8

  • "Swervin'" - Harlem (Alyssa takes a bus ride)
  • "I Lost Something In The Hills" - Sybille Baye (Alyssa returns to Koch's house)
  • "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" - Bettye Swann (Alyssa and James share a meal at a picnic table)