Here's Every Woman Heading To The Olympics To Rep Team USA

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At the PyeonChang-hosted Winter Olympics this year, almost half of the athletes on the United States Olympic team will be women. According to Team USA's website, there will be 108 women competing in Pyeongchang, in addition to 135 men.

Women athletes will be competing in every competition except for the Nordic combined, a combination of cross-country skiing and jumping. They will be competing in everything else, including: alpine skiing, the biathlon, bobsledding, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, the skeleton, ski jumping, snowboarding, long track speed-skating, and short track speed-skating.

Overall, this year's team is the largest team the United States has ever sent to the winter Olympics. It's also on record to be the most diverse: On deck will be 10 African American athletes, 11, Asian American athletes, and two openly gay athletes. In other words, Team U.S.A. is slowly starting to actually represent actual demographics in the United States.

Several female athletes are expected to capture a lot of attention. Among them are the women's hockey team and big names like Lindsey Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin, Kelly Clark, and Jamie Anderson, just to name a few.

Headliner or not, all of these women are expected to pack a punch. Here's the complete list.

Women's Hockey

  • Cayla Barnes
  • Kacey Bellamy
  • Hannah Brandt
  • Dani Cameranesi
  • Kendall Coyne
  • Brianna Decker
  • Meghan Duggan
  • Kali Flanagan
  • Nicole Hensley
  • Megan Keller
  • Amanda Kessel
  • Hilary Knight
  • Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson
  • Monique Lamoureux-Morando
  • Gigi Marvin
  • Sidney Morin
  • Kelly Pannek
  • Amanda Pelkey
  • Emily Pfalzer
  • Alex Rigsby
  • Maddie Rooney
  • Haley Skarupa
  • Lee Stecklein

Alpine Skiing

Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Stacey Cook
  • Breezy Johnson
  • Megan McJames
  • Alice McKennis
  • Alice Merryweather
  • Laurenne Ross
  • Mikaela Shiffrin
  • Resi Stiegler
  • Lindsey Vonn
  • Jacqueline Wiles


Stanko Gruden/Agence Zoom/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Emily Dreissigacker
  • Susan Dunklee
  • Clare Egan
  • Maddie Phaneuf
  • Joanne Reid


Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Aja Evans
  • Lauren Gibbs
  • Jamie Greubel Poser
  • Elana Meyers Taylor

Cross-Country Skiing

Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Sadie Bjornsen
  • Rosie Brennan
  • Sophie Caldwell
  • Jessie Diggins
  • Rosie Frankowski
  • Annie Hart
  • Kaitlynn Miller
  • Caitlin Patterson
  • Kikkan Randall
  • Ida Sargent
  • Liz Stephen


Ron Jenkins/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Cory Christensen
  • Aileen Geving
  • Becca Hamilton
  • Tabitha Peterson
  • Nina Roth

Figure Skating

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Karen Chen
  • Madison Chock
  • Madison Hubbell
  • Mirai Nagasu
  • Alexa Scimeca Knierim
  • Maia Shibutani
  • Bradie Tennell

Freestyle Skiing

Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Maddie Bowman
  • Ashley Caldwell
  • Caroline Claire
  • Annalisa Drew
  • Tess Johnson
  • Jaelin Kauf
  • Devin Logan
  • Keaton McCargo
  • Kiley McKinnon
  • Madison Olsen
  • Morgan Schild
  • Brita Sigourney
  • Darian Stevens
  • Maggie Voisin


Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Summer Britcher
  • Erin Hamlin
  • Emily Sweeney


Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Katie Uhlaender
  • Kendall Wesenberg

Ski Jumping

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Nita Englund
  • Sarah Hendrickson
  • Abby Ringquist


Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Jamie Anderson
  • Kelly Clark
  • Arielle Gold
  • Faye Gulini
  • Lindsey Jacobellis
  • Jessika Jenson
  • Chloe Kim
  • Hailey Langland
  • Rosie Mancari
  • Julia Marino
  • Maddie Mastro
  • Meghan Tierney

Long Track Speedskating

Stacy Revere/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Heather Bergsma
  • Brittany Bowe
  • Erin Jackson
  • Mia Manganello
  • Carlijn Schoutens
  • Jerica Tandiman

Short Track Speedskating

Harry How/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
  • Maame Biney
  • Lana Gehring
  • Jessica Kooreman

Women have been competing at the Olympic games since 1900, when the games were located in Paris. Now, over 100 years later, they're known to often outperform their male counterparts in terms of earning medals.