Amazing Pizza Combinations To Make At Home

by Kiersten Hickman

With National Pizza Day on Feb. 9, there’s only one thing to do: Eat pizza. But, even if you are craving pizza from your go-to place after work this week, let me challenge you for a second: Have you ever considered making pizza at home? It may seem scary at first, but after seeing all of these delicious pizza combinations to make at home, I seriously think it’s worth a try.

The hardest part about making pizza at home is the pizza dough. It requires a lot of flour and a lot of sitting time to rise. A common mistake people make with pizza is thinking there shouldn’t be that much flour in the batch… but in fact, your pizza dough really does need that much flour. If you don’t put enough flour in the pizza dough it will just be sticky and hard to deal with, let alone even trying to roll out and put toppings on. So do yourself a favor and avoid my mistake; put in the right amount of flour to the dough.

The next step is making sure you have all the ingredients, which is where these recipes come into play. Sure you could make a classic cheese or pepperoni, but have you ever considered other combinations? Like a roasted butternut squash, curry cauliflower, or even a BBQ blue cheese pizza? How about a white pizza with pesto? Or maybe even a pizza without any sauce at all? There are so many delicious combinations to explore this National Pizza Day that you should consider making right in your kitchen.

Classic Margherita

Stay classic with this recipe by The Kitchn.

Sausage Ricotta Pepperoni Pizza

If you’re more of a meat-lovers pizza kind of person, then this recipe by Damn Delicious is exactly what you need.

Kale Pesto

I’m a huge fan of the pesto white pizzas, and am dying to try this recipe by Cookie and Kate.

Fig And Goat Cheese

Fig and goat cheese are delicious together, but ever thought of putting it on a pizza? Don’t hate on it yet till you try this recipe by Tori Avery!

White Mushroom Pizza

Again, white pizzas are my favorite, even if there’s mushrooms on it like this recipe by Damn Delicious.

Chicken Pesto

And pesto, oh I could eat all of the pesto. This chicken pesto recipe by Damn Delicious looks absolutely incredible, am I right?


Give your usual pizza recipe a greek spin with Cookie and Kate by adding roasted red pepper, artichokes, feta cheese, and olives.

Slow Cooker Deep Dish

As someone who resided in Chicago for a few years, I’m confident in saying that this deep dish recipe by A Spicy Perspective looks legit if you’re craving your favorite Midwest dish.

Blueberry Feta And Honey Caramelized Onion

This recipe by Kitchen Confidante is so unique, the crust is even naan bread!

Cherry Tomato Corn And Goat Cheese

Talk about a wacky combination of food on a pizza that all sounds absolutely delicious. Try this recipe by The Kitchn.

Sheet Pan BBQ Blue Chicken

No the chicken is not blue, it’s just the fact that this recipe by Foodie Crush has blue cheese sprinkled on top along with mozzarella!

BBQ Pineapple Jalapeño And Feta

Not a fan of blue cheese? Try this recipe with feta cheese instead by Cookie and Kate.

Broccolini Chickpea

These little pizzas by Love & Lemons actually doesn’t have a sauce base, and they are perfectly sized for individual servings.

Roasted Butternut Squash Apple Burrata

This sweet and spicy recipe by Half Baked Harvest is certainly a different spin on your usual red sauce pizza, if you’re looking for something completely out of the ordinary this National Pizza Day.

Curried Cauliflower

Okay I’m not a fan of curry, but if you’re a curry-loving foodie, then this pizza by Naturally Ella is perfect for you!


Who knew pizza and avocado could go so well together? This southwest pizza recipe is found on The Kitchn.


Are you fan of the famous dish shakshuka? Now imagine it on a pizza with this recipe by My Name is Yeh.

Prosciutto Arugula

I am a total sucker for prosciutto arugula pizza, and would attempt this recipe by The Kitchn in a heartbeat.

Banh Mi

A Vietnamese style pizza recipe by Half Baked Harvest with ground meat, lots of veggie, and a delicious homemade srirarcha mayo recipe.

Strawberry Basil Balsamic

No, those sliced red circles aren’t pepperonis… they’re actually sliced strawberries for a sweeter pizza idea by Cookie and Kate.


Are you a fan of little sauce and lots of cheese? This classic recipe by Brown Eyed Baker is perfect for you then!

Spinach Fennel Pizza

Ever attempted fennel on a pizza? Well now is your chance with this recipe by Naturally Ella.

Honey Chipotle Chicken With Goat Cheese

I know you may want to ride off any pizza that has honey on it, but trust me, sprinkling some honey on pizza is amazing and this recipe by How Sweet Eats is about to blow your mind.