Amazon Prime Day's 100 Best Deals —  They're Up To 80% Off & Selling Out Fast

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing and sales are live now through Tuesday, July 17. There are tens of thousands of products on sale (and up to 80 percent off) across all categories, and sometimes, the best deals get lost in the chaos. If you're feeling overwhelmed, we're curating the best Prime Day deals around the clock as sales go live. Act now, because many deals are only available for a few hours — and will sell out quickly.

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30% Off The Cult-Favorite Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

This popular drying lotion reduces blemishes and clears up your complexion.

67% Off This Highly-Rated Home DNA Test

Receive more than 75 personalized genetic reports, and understand what your DNA says about your health, traits, and ancestry; just send in a saliva sample, and your results will be ready in eight weeks.

30% Off This Best-Selling Party Game

From notorious Instagram account @fuckjerry comes this hilarious party game, but fair warning: it’s not one to play with youngsters around. The premise is simple: with the provided picture and caption cards, who can create the funniest meme?

30% Off This Highly Rated Phone Holder

With a powerful suction cup, this auto phone mount attaches to the windshield or dashboard of your car.

56% Off Cordless Neck & Shoulder Massager With Heat

A deep kneading portable massager at a seriously deep discount.

42% Off A Cure-All Anti-fungal Cream That Thousands Swear By

A treatment for everything from athletes foots to dry itchy skin — this is not only a multi-tasking cure-all it's also an amazing deal!

65% Off Straws That Won't Harm The Environment

This set of four stainless steel straws even comes with its own brush to clean the insides.

30% Off This Charcoal Konjac Sponge

These exfoliating konjac sponges are offered in a green tea, charcoal, and kaolin clay variety. Since they only require warm water to work, they’re perfect for travel.

40% Off This Wildly Popular Eyebrow Gel
60% Off This Extremely Portable Water Filter

Sip directly through the LifeStraw to remove 99.99 percent of waterborne parasites and bacteria.

50% Off The Amazon Fire TV Stick

Snag the Amazon Fire Stick at half the price for a limited time only — you’ll get access to channels like HBO and Netflix, and it’s Alexa-enabled, too.

51% Off One Of The Most High-Tech Electric Toothbrushes On The Market

This electric toothbrush isn't just rechargeable, but the three different programmed modes let you choose whatever clean is most comfortable for you.

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30% Off A Hardshell Luggage Set

With a discount of 30 percent there has never been a better time to invest in a quality luggage set.

56% Off This Extremely Popular Razor (And Two Blade Refills)

The Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide has over 2,000 reviews because it has five anti-friction blades, an enhanced lubrication strip, and FlexBall technology.

69% Off This Sheet Of Collagen Essence Facial Masks

The collagen facial masks in this 16-pack contain vitamin E, along with nourishing minerals to make your skin bright and glowing.

63% Off A Pinzon Mattress Topper

Talk about a dream deal — this Pinzon micro-plush mattress topper is 70 percent off.

36% Off A Powerful External Battery

This extremely small and compact, lightweight external battery charger is powerful enough to provide three and a half iPhone 8 charges and two and a half Galaxy S8 charges. It's on sale for 36 percent off.

43% Off This Alexa-Commanded Echo Show

This Alexa-run device is one hundred dollars off today.

30% Off This Silky Smooth Facial Serum With A Near-Perfect 4.5-Star Review

Made with hyaluronic acid, this intense facial serum will make your skin soft and your complexion glow.

27% Off An Avocado Essence For Soft Skin

Feed your skin with this nourishing and moisturizing avocado essence, which contains 20 percent avocado extract and ceramides and is 27 percent off.

35% Off A Luxury Sonic Facial Cleanser

Remove makeup, sweat, and dirt six times more effectively than when using your fingertips, all thanks to this rechargeable two-speed cleansing brush.

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58% Off Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones For Apple

If you have a Apple device, jump on these headphones that give you a deep, powerful sound while dampening all outside noises.

71% Off An Amazing (But Compact) Food Processor

Chop or grind anything — garlic, onions, nuts, herbs, or purees — all thanks to this mini food processor.

50% Off Your New Best Friend For Hands-Free Style

The Echo Look takes full-body photos using just your voice, and it doubles as your personal stylist.

30% Off This Long-Lasting Mascara

Get thick, long-lasting black eyelashes with this clump-free mascara.

26% Off A Hydrating Mask With Watermelon

Give your skin a boost of hydration and nourishment courtesy of this watermelon mask, which is 26 percent off.

67% Off This Blender With Three Built-In Travel Cups

The SharkNinja Pro Blender comes with three different-sized blending cups, and they're all travel-friendly thanks to the included lid.

50% Off A Sous Vide Cooker That You Can Control Via Bluetooth

This high-tech Sous Vide precision cooker heats the water to the optimal temperature, and it syncs right up to the app on your phone via Bluetooth.

40% Off The Fitbit Alta HR, Which Even Tracks Your Heart Rate

For less than $100, you can get this gadget and track steps, distance, heart rate, and sleep patterns, and all the data wirelessly syncs to more than 200 devices.

44% Off Jibo At-Home Social Robot

This at-home mini robot features both face and voice recognition so he's capable of greeting you by name when you walk in a a room as well as offering Alexa-style information and smart functions.

50% Off This Skillet That Doesn't Even Require A Stove

The special ceramic copper titanium coating cooks up to 30 percent faster than traditional non-stick pans, and you can use it anywhere on your counter.

40% Off This Comfortable Upgrade For Your Existing Mattress

Upgrade any mattress with 2 inches of open-cell memory foam — it's even ventilated for a cooler, more breathable night's sleep, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

33% Off An Organic Face And Body Cleansing Set

All of the ingredients in this organic face and body cleansing set — from shea butter to aloe vera — are there to nourish and soothe your skin. The set is on sale for 33 percent off.

30% Off An Exfoliating Body Soap Bar That Has Rave Reviews

Perfect for anyone who prefers natural smelling soaps to floral ones, this exfoliating body soap is made with pumice, jojoba, and crushed olive seeds and has an essence of cedar wood and oakmoss — score it for 30 percent off.

30% Off This Lipstick That Literally Lasts All Day

If you get frustrated when your lipstick rubs off 20 minutes after you put it on, you'll love this long-lasting, all day liquid lipstick that over 800 people on Amazon have raved raving about — which comes in 30 colors.

35% Off A Top Coat That Seriously Extends Your Manicure

The 1,200-plus reviews on the CND Vinylux top coat are very impressive; one buyer even says, "My nail polish is still going strong and it's been 12 days."

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30% Off This Nourishing Skin Booster

This vitamin C-enriched skin booster contains camu camu berry to make your complexion glow.

30% Off This Easy Way To Set Your Makeup For All-Day Wear

For up to 16 hours of smudge-proof, transfer-resistant wear, there's this weightless setting powder that won't cake up or settle into lines.

22% This Huge HD TV With Smart Capabilities

Stream all your favorite apps or surf the web with this Sony 49-inch HD smart LED TV; it even has 4K capabilities.

40% Off These Colorful Socks That Have Built-In Arch Support

Laundry day will be a breeze with these color-matching Under Armour no-show socks. They even have dynamic arch support to help reduce foot fatigue.

59% Off A Retinol & Green Tea Eye Cream

Retinol can be drying, especially if you have sensitive eyes, but this gentle retinol eye cream with green tea and hyaluronic acid is perfect for de-puffing without irritation — and the price has been slashed by 59 percent.

30% Off This Hair Trimmer For The Body And Face

Trim and shape your eyebrows, bikini line, underarm hair, and more with this battery operated hair removal system, which is 30 percent off.

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18% Off This Fun Outdoor Game

Take this disc throwing game outside at night — the disks glow in the dark — and it's being offered at 18 percent off.

10% Off This Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Say goodbye to bottle opening mishaps with this cordless electric wine bottle opener that removes a cork in seconds and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.

38% Off An Exfoliating Mask For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin that can't normally handle most masks, this natural mask with exfoliating sugar and strawberry is exactly what you need to get healthier skin without irritation. You can also repurpose it as a cleanser or scrub and it's offered at 20 percent off.

33 % Off A Bamboo Serving Tray

Serve yourself breakfast in bed with this eco-friendly bamboo serving tray with handles, which is 33 percent off.

42% Off This Smart Way To Access Your Toiletries

Simply hang the eBags toiletry bag on a hook, door, or handle, and you can access all your essentials without taking up space on the counter.

30% Off These Comfy, Moisture-Wicking Leggings

Grab these moisture-wicking, four-way-stretch yoga capris for less than $12.

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25% Off This Pore-Cleansing Egg Mask

This top-selling Korean skincare mask uses the proteins from egg whites to tighten pores, boost elasticity, and promote cell growth.

35% Off This Makeup-Removing Micellar Water

It doesn't have any oil and it respects your skin's natural protective layer, but this Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water also removes makeup and impurities with virtually no effort.

33% Off These Amazingly Convenient Packing Cubes

These incredibly handy packing cubes make traveling a breeze with their lightweight material and smooth, self-healing zippers.

40% Off This Easy Way To Keep Your Home Fresh And Moisture-Free

It doesn't require any cords or batteries, but this rechargeable mini dehumidifier still traps excess moisture in its non-toxic gel beads.

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25% Off This Giant Connect Four Lawn Game

Fans love this top-rated giant Connect Four game set that comes with its own carrying case, a beautiful wood finish, and a tendency to be the hit at any social gathering.

40% Off A Gym Duffel Bag With A 4.8-Star Rating

This medium-sized gym duffel has all the right features, like an abrasive-resistant bottom, multiple pockets, a water-resistant finish, and a comfortable shoulder strap.

29% Off This Easy Way To Make Fresh Bread At Home

This life-changing machine has 12 bread settings and three crust settings to make all types of dough, breads, and even jams.

13% Off A Self-Cleaning Bidet That Attaches Right To Your Toilet

Bring hotel luxury directly into your home without breaking the bank, thanks to this self-cleaning bidet that easily attaches to any standard two-piece toilet.

30% Off This Ultra-Hydrating Facial Toner

Made with anti-oxidizing mushroom extract, as well as other natural ingredients such as licorice, citronella, lemon, orange, and aloe vera, this hydrating facial toner invigorates your skin while brightening your complexion.

50% Off Alexa-Run Echo Dot With A Bonus Smart Plug

Finally get yourself an Alexa-commanded Echo Dot with a cool smart plug thrown in as a bonus.

40% This Huge HD TV With Smart Capabilities
43% Off A Grill Tools Set

This 14-piece grill tool set has everything you need for backyard barbecues and it's 43 percent off.

30% Off A Hair Waver With 3 Barrels

Style your hair with this 3-barrel hair waver with tourmaline ceramic technology that's on sale for 30 percent off.

49% Off A Simple Way To Protect Against Pickpockets

Even though it keeps a low profile under your clothes, the Lewis N. Clark stash wallet has room for all your essentials — from your phone to your ID — and even blocks RFID signals.

30% Off This Voice-Controlled Amazon Echo

Amazon's 2nd Generation Echo with Alexa has over 27,000 reviews with fans raving about the voice-controlled device.

30% Off This Brilliant Pour Over-Style Coffee Brewer

Make rich and delicious java with this sleek, paperless pour over brewer.

30% Off This Cactus Fiber Body Brush

Made with soft cactus bristles, this dry body brush feels relaxing on your skin and improves circulation.

Get an extra 30% off for first time customers!

30% Off This Far-Infrared Hair Dryer

Using powerful Tourmaline Titanium technology, this fantastic hair dryer styles your hair without making it frizzy or full of heat damage.

62% Off A Multipurpose Pair Of Pliers

This handy pair of pliers has 12 integrated components that turns it into the multipurpose tool you need — and it's 62 percent off.

62% Off A Stainless Steamer That Fits In Almost Any Pot

This stainless steel steamer universally fits other Cuisinart pots and pans, so you can steam just about anything easily and evenly.

34% Off This Voice-Controlled Roomba Vacuum

Use Alexa to control this roomba-style vacuum cleaner with your voice.

30% Off This Hugely Popular Shaving Cream

This smooth shaving cream has over 2,200 reviews on Amazon and rates 4.5 stars.

35% Off This 8-Pack Of Sweet-Tasting Lip Balms

This soda-themed 8-pack of Lip Smackers lip balms offers flavors like Coca Cola, Barqs, Fanta, and Sprite.

31% Off This Super Lightweight Milk Frother

Make rich and delicious lattes right at home with this easy-to-use handheld milk frother.

30% Off This Three-In-One Men's Full Body Wash

Clean and moisturize from head to toe with 18.21 Man Made, which is a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all in one — and it smells like sweet tobacco.

41% Off This Nesting Set Of Stainless Steel Strainers

This chic set of stainless steel strainers has over 1500 reviews on Amazon.

30% Off This Smudge-Proof Liquid Eyeliner

If you're looking for an eyeliner that won't smudge off or disappear thorughout the day, this waterproof liquid liner from Stila is an amazing choice.

54% Off These Astonishingly Effective Crest Whitestrips
20% Off This Comprehensive Bakeware Set

This versatile bakeware set inlcudes small, medium and large cookie sheets, an oblong pan, a round pan, a 12-cup muffin pan, a meatloaf pan set and a 14-inch pizza pan.

20% Off This Portable Summer Canopy

With over 2,800 reviews, this breezy summer canopy is one of the most popular ones on Amazon.

20% Off This Soft Cotton Baby Swaddle

This super popular cotton sleepack, which has over 3,100 reviews on Amazon, is an adorable and effective way to swaddle your baby.

63% Off This Invigorating Tea Tree Body Wash

Formulated with 100 percent natural tea tree oil, this refreshing body wash invigorates your skin while also reducing things like acne, funguses, athletes foot, and other skin conditions.

21% Off This Durable Glass Water Bottle

This glass water bottle is cute, sturdy, and fully leak-proof.

30% Off This Ultra-Hydrating Facial Toner

Made with anti-oxidizing mushroom extract, as well as other natural ingredients such as licorice, citronella, lemon, orange, and aloe vera, this hydrating facial toner invigorates your skin while brightening your complexion.

72% Off This Flameless LED Candle Set

Get the relaxing ambience of candlelight without the smoke and fire hazard with these flameless LED candles.

22% Off This Incredibly Handy Dog-Feeding Board

Never forget whether you fed the dog each day with this super convenient reminder board.

52% Off This Powerful WiFi Range Extender

If you suffer from spotty wifi, this awesome range extender will make the signal stronger in those challenging pockets of the house where the connection is weak.

44% Off This Smooth And Chic Laptop Rest

This handy little laptop desk keeps your legs from getting hot and provides a more ergonomically sound way to work when your computer is sitting on your lap.

50% Off This Versatile Waterpik Water Flosser

Constructed with 10 pressure settings, this powerful water flosser gets into those hard-to-reach areas between your teeth and keeps your dental hygiene game strong.

30% Off A Nourishing Oat Milk Body Lotion With Near Perfect Review

Replenish dry skin with this nourishing oat milk, white tea, and coconut water body lotion, now 30 percent off.

20% Off A Portable Booster Seat

This lightweight portable booster seat gives babies and toddlers a place to rest whether you're indoors or outdoors — it even comes with a carrying case and features a tray for easy feedings. This seat can be yours now for 20 percent off.

42% Off These Toys To Keep Your Cat Busy And Happy

Cats lose things and get bored like nobody's business, but this set of 12 toys is highly-rated, adorable, and sure to keep them occupied.

22% Off This 7-In-1 Pressure Cooker That Does Everything

This awesomely versatile pressure cooker performs seven functions in one pot.

46% Off This Self-Cleaning, Professional-Grade Blender

With its aircraft-grade stainless steel blades, 64-ounce container, and ability to actually heat foods, you can prep like a professional chef for nearly half the price.

25% Off These 30-In-One Dumbbells For The Ultimate Workout

With these NordicTrack speed weights, you get various weight increments from 10 to 55 pounds, and each one comes with a convenient storage tray.

30% Off A Fast-Absorbing Lotion Made With Dead Sea Minerals

This body lotion from AHAVA is made with real minerals from the Dead Sea, which quickly absorb into skin to nourish it without that greasy feeling.

35% Off This All-You-Need Grooming Set

For only $25, you get four combs, 13 length settings, a rechargeable base that lasts 60 minutes, and a Gilette razor.

42% Off This Sleek, Spacious Backpack

Thanks to its spacious main compartment, interior laptop sleeve, and media pocket with headphone port, you'll be so ready for work or school with this backpack.

25% Off This Two-In-One Hair Tool With 5,000+ Reviews

Style your hair while you dry it; the John Frieda hot air brush directs heat between its ionic bristles to seriously speed up your styling time.

35% Off This Super Soft Tank That'll Keep You Dry And Cool

This is not your average workout tank, because it has moisture-wicking technology, an extra comfy design, and anti-odor fabric.

49% Off Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

If you've always wanted a Keurig but it's been out of your price range, today is the day to make it happen. This high-end, easy-to-use single serving coffee maker is half off.

30% Off Copper Pan Set

Copper is the newest trend in the kitchen, and this copper bake set comes with six pieces and has a diamond-textured interior for even heat distribution.

35% Off This Wonderfully Relaxing Scalp Massager

This awesome scalp brush operates smoothly and has over 1600 reviews. Click the extra $2 off coupon for the bonus savings that brings it down to $13.99.

20% Off A Makeup Sponge Set

You'll get six makeup sponges in one set that can be used to apply and blend foundation, concealer, eye shadows, and more — for 20 percent off.

49% Off Dog Dental Treats

Keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy and give them a treat they'll love — these natural dental dog treats are 49 percent off.

70% Off This Jacket That'll Have You Wishing For Cold Weather

According to reviewers, this Columbia Benton fleece zipper jacket is "so soft and plush [you'll] want to sleep in it."

30% Off This Travel-Friendly Cooler That Can Keep Ice Frozen For Days

Thanks to its waterproof shell, virtually indestructible straps, leak-proof zipper, and surprisingly roomy interior, the YETI Hopper Two is a huge favorite among reviewers.

40% Off This Specialty-Drink Keurig Coffee Machine

For $108, you can make coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos right in your own kitchen.

30% Off This Gorgeous Eye Shadow Palette

Thanks to this stila palette's triple-milled pigments, the warm metallic colors go on smooth and blend seamlessly.

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