Amazon Has A Secret Bargain Finds Section & SO Many Things Are Under $10


Amazon is filled with temptation, offering a shopper everything from living room furniture to summer swim suits. While convenient, it isn't the best thing when you're on a budget. But Amazon's Bargain Finds section has plenty of amazing deals that won't blow the bank, many of which clock under $10. That way you can still shop without having buyer's remorse at the end of the month when you see your credit card bill.

Amazon's Bargain Finds collects all the cheapest finds across the site, and clumps them together into one page. The look of the section gives off a garage sale vibe, where everything costs pocket change and you have to do some rummaging to find what you like. The Bargain Finds page doesn't let you search by product or price, so you have to scroll through the sections until something catches your eye. In that way, it's a lot like when you pop into a garage sale. You walk up to the table of a section you like — clothes, knick-knacks, old electronics — and you start browsing until something grabs your attention.

While there is no search option in Bargain Finds, the page is broken into the usual shopping categories: Women's, Men's, Jewelry, Home Decor, and so on.

The Women's section has everything from makeup brushes to date night skirts to hair accessories, letting you stock up on some key wardrobe pieces without having to lose a big chunk of your paycheck. See some of the best picks below.

Cat Eye Marine Sunglasses

If you follow Gigi or Bella Hadid, then you will know that 2019 is the summer of funky sunglasses. From sharp cat eye frames to Matrix-inspired looks, this season you're encouraged to get wild with your sunnies. Luckily for us, Amazon has a pink geometric pair for under $5.

Halter Cami Tank Top

Rather than buying your daily coffee at a cafe this morning, invest those funds into a new halter cami. Clocking in at just $7.99, this crop top comes in 17 different colors and patterns. You can rock the grunge daisy option, play with an indigo tie-dye look, or go with a solid color.

Skinny Ripped Pants

They look like they're ripped black jeans, but these pants are actually made from cotton. Meaning they're chic sweatpants that you can wear outside without anyone knowing you're wearing your lounge clothes. Win, win.

Yoga Headband

If you go to Walgreens and buy a simple black headband, the price clocks in around $5. This here is a yoga headband that will keep all of your hair out of your face, and it's a little over $3. A total bargain.

Brush Tool Kit 5 Pcs

When you're just learning to do your makeup or don't necessarily do any advanced techniques, budget-friendly brushes work great. This five-piece set from Amazon is only $4 and it has three eye shadow brushes, an eyebrow brush, and a foundation brush.

Amazon's Bargain Finds section is a treasure trove of affordable items. Go ahead and shop without any of the guilt.