Amazon's New Skin Care Line Is Made Up Entirely Of Sheet Masks & It's All Less Than $15

Every skin care fan is different. Some skin care lovers can commit to several steps to achieve a healthy glow. Others prefer a short and sweet routine. Amazon’s Fast Beauty just launched a collection of sheet masks that let skin care enthusiasts of all kinds pump up their daily regimen. Plus, everything in the line is under $15.

Fast Beauty Company was started by sisters Simona and Diana Kubasova. According to Allure, the two sisters are models and influencers who are always on-the-go, and were searching for skin care that worked quickly and effectively. Both goals were achieved once the sisters partnered with New York City-Based dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali for the skin care line, which is sold exclusively on Amazon.

The full line is cruelty-free and encompasses four different collections of sheet masks for the face, lips, under eyes, neck, and even chest. There’s the Dive In Collection, Drink Up Collection, Clarity Collection, and the Micellar Collection. Each collection targets skin concerns from blemishes to hydration.

Bhanusali told Allure that the brand’s main focus was providing a short skin care routine that could achieve effective results.

“When we were putting together Fast Beaut Company, we focused more on natural ingredients, higher concentrations, and how quickly we could get them to penetrate,” Bhanusali said.

Rejuvenating skin in a jiffy is made easier with these sheet masks. Here are some of the best picks in the collections.

Under Eye Mask

Fast Beauty offers 5 pairs of the brand's under eye mask in the Dive In Collection. All of the sheet masks in the Dive In Collection feature hyaluronic acid, a natural molecule in the skin, and collagen, a skin protein. For $14 skin care fans can dive face first into hydrated under eye masks for plumper, perkier skin.

Detoxifying Gold & Silver Masks

The skin care brand hopes fans will share their facial routine by offering its BFF Clarity Face. For $8, fans can grab two masks for the Bonnie to their Clyde in this charcoal and rosemary-infused sheet mask. Not to mention one mask comes gold and the other in silver.

Detoxifying in this sheet mask means the rosemary helps to balance the oils in the skin while the charcoal in the mask unclogs the pores.

Lip Mask With Argan & Hibiscus

Lip Service by Fast Beauty is here to leave lips feeling nourished and prepared for cold winds. The hibiscus in the lip mask serves as an antioxidant to protect and soothe. Argan works in this skin care formula to hydrate and firm the lips, leaving them beautiful and plump.

Facial Cleansing Wipes

These Go Gorgeous Facial Cleansing Wipes are ideal for use before and after makeup is applied. They can be used to take off the day's leftovers or they can be used for added hydration on those no makeup days. Plus, they'll only set you back a fiver and change.

Sheet masks are a skin care lover's best friend. Besides at prices like these, who really needs diamonds?