This $130 Amazon Coat Is So Popular It Even Has Its Own Instagram Account

Sometimes the best wardrobe purchases are the most affordable - quality doesn't always necessarily equate to huge dollar signs, as one viral coat is quickly proving. There is one Amazon coat so popular it has an Instagram account, and it barely breaks over a hundred dollars. The puffer coat in question is called the Orolay Thickened Down Jacket (available in sizes XXS-XXL), and it is the number one seller in women's outerwear right now. Clocking in at only $130, the coat is so popular that there is now an Instagram account named @theamazoncoat to celebrate it.

In an effort to find out just how many people now own the iconic coat, the account is capturing submissions and personal posts on its grid to confirm just how great it is. In fact, right now the account launched an "Amazon Coat Challenge" in order to find out if there are people with these puffer jackets in all 50 states — all you have to do is send in a photo of you wearing the coat, along with a caption saying what state you live in. The east coast is littered with Orolay coat owners, but so are surprising places like Florida, Texas, and California. The domination is taking over.

But it's easy to see why the jacket has such a cult following. Coming in a baggy cocoon silhouette and featuring exposed side zippers and deep, front pockets, it's very fashion conscious, ensuring you won't look like a drab survivalist during those rough winter months. The sizing seems to be relatively inclusive, where it ranges from an XXS-XXL, which the size chart claims will fit buyers between the sizes of 0-22. The coat also comes in a handful of different colors, where in addition to olive you can also choose from black, light grey, navy blue, and a metallic beige.

The Instagram account is littered with shoppers wearing the jacket in all the different shades available, and styled up in a handful of different ways. There are folks wearing the olive coat at a hockey game, grandmothers walking their dogs in them, stylists pairing them with culotte jeans, and fans wearing it out to the Guggenheim during a day of museum hopping. It fits every style, aesthetic, age group, and event.

And it's easy to see why: the puffer jacket actually works. Not only is it stylish, but it will also keep you warm during the coldest of winter days. Even though it's a relatively cheap coat off of Amazon, the jacket keeps you well insulated. It has an adopted polyester material that has excellent windproof and warm-keeping qualities, and the inside is made out of white duck down. The nearly 6,000 reviews left under the product confirm that the jacket will keep you toasty all season long.

"It's super warm. I wore it with only a t-shirt and leggings and went outdoors when there was moderate snow and temperature was -3 celcius or 27 fahrenheit outdoors. The surface is water-resistant and the snow glides away on the surface," one reviewer shared. "I highly recommend this jacket! I currently live in an area where the temperature reaches to the single digits/below zero and so far this jacket has kept me extremely warm and comfortable," another posted.

Get yours and join the movement.