Amazon's 'The Boys' Trailer Introduces A Team Of Spice Girl-Loving Vigilantes


Get ready to meet a whole new type of superhero because, based on the trailer for Amazon's new series The Boys, this collection of powerful beings is nothing like you've ever seen before. Based on the comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the series aims to explore what would happen if superheroes decided to abuse their special abilities and forego using them for the greater good of humanity. (Which is basically the definition of villains, right?) That's where the group called "The Boys" comes in with the intent of putting these privileged super-jerks, known as The Seven, in their place. However, the job is more easily said than done, especially when your opposition has incredible powers at their disposal.

There's a lot of swearing, even more bloodshed, and surprisingly enough, a ton of Spice Girls references and metaphors. Much like the popular band from the '90s, this group of superhero catchers know that they're at their most unstoppable when they work together. Typically this would be viewed as a pretty motivational, if there maybe a little less eye-gouging going on throughout the clip. But hey, that's kinda what makes this series unique in the first place and leaves you both riveted (and a little disgusted) despite yourself.

The cast is made up of some very familiar faces, including Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Simon Pegg, Chace Crawford, and Elisabeth Shue, some of whose characters are given fun nicknames like Butcher, Frenchie, Mother's Milk, and The Female, all of which will hopefully be explained in further detail when the show debuts on July 26.

A majority of the trailer is set to the hit Spice Girls song "Wannabe," which may seem a little strange at first, but somehow this promo manages to make it work. Plus is there ever really a wrong time to listen to a Spice Girls song? (That was a rhetorical question, of course, because the answer is obviously no!) There's also a random dolphin cameo thrown into the mix, which only helps to further indicate how much this show goes completely off the rails when it comes to any kind of logical plot development.

Basically, the biggest takeaway from this teaser is that you should expect the unexpected. Anything could happen and there will probably be a ton of blood and gore involved in the process. (Seriously, at one point a superhero actually runs right through a girl, killing her instantly — and it is beyond gross.)

Last year, Entertainment Weekly spoke with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, who teased what his goal was for the series as a whole. “I want it to be graphic when it needs to be because that’s what’s best for the story,” Kripke explained. “But I want to tell this character story about these regular, blue-collar humans taking on these entitled, super-powered, one-percenter gods and the relationships amongst them.”

So who will prove victorious in the end: the rogue, villainous superheroes or this group known as The Boys? You'll just have to tune in when the series hits Amazon in July to find out.