People Literally Didn't Recognize Amber Rose At The VMAs

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amber Rose is one of those celebrities with a very distinct look: Body for days, glowy, golden makeup, and buzzed bleach blonde hair that almost makes her look bald. That's why Rose wearing a wig at the 2017 VMAs felt like such a shock — and as usual, Twitter wasn't ready.

Let's ignore the fact that for many of us, the idea of securely attaching a seamless wig to a basically bald head is pretty confounding. Somehow, Rose made the whole thing look easy — even her hairline is flawless. It's an unconventionally old-school glam look for the influencer, who usually goes for wild outfits and almost never strays from her natural, barely-there hair — the star loves wigs, but rarely on the red carpet.

At the 2017 MTV VMAs, Rose paired her new hair look with a cutout black sequined gown, statement diamond earrings, and a dark burgundy lip. Twitter definitely had to take a minute when Rose hit the carpet — and some of them didn't even recognize her.

Here's Rose standing beside boyfriend 21 Savage, looking like a completely different person:

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Naturally, Twitter was shook.

Some felt like she looked like another red carpet fave.

Many recognized that even with her signature look disguised, Rose looked absolutely ecstatic on the red carpet.

And of course, some people simply didn't realize that Amber Rose was Amber Rose.

Rose has always known how to keep people talking — and rocking this glamorous lace front was just another one of her tricks. The bald has always given her fans life, but it turns out that a few (or several hundred thousand) extra strands can't keep Amber Rose from shining.