These Denim Boxers Will Make You Do A Double Take

by Kali Borovic

The world is filled with quirky "denim" lately. There's been see-through jeans and jeans with plastic cutouts, but this one could be the most bizarre yet. American Eagle created boxers that look like denim, and the resemblance is scary real. The brand known for their jeans has found a way to take comfort to a whole new level, and it will certainly make you do a double take.

The brand came up with a way to maximize comfort and kill two fashionable birds with one stone. They took their boxers briefs and made them into denim — sort of. The undies in question are made out of the same, soft moisture-wicking Flex fabric that they normally are. The only difference is that these have a denim print on them.

I recently went jeans shopping in American Eagle, after my all-time favorite pair of denim finally met its match (#thickthighprobs). As soon as I walked in, there were tons of options hitting me in the face. Low-rise, slim fit, high-rise, jegging — the possibilities were endless. With this underwear addition, the guys section apparently has even more options.

These faux denim boxer briefs are scary real, looking like the tightest of denim cutoffs. Not only is the print realistic, but the design features an underwear waistband "peeking" out of the top of the faux pants. Take a look at this underwear illusion for yourself.

AEO Faux Denim Boxer Brief, $9, American Eagle

Oddly enough, out of all the quirky denim trends to hit the fashion world this year, the faux denim briefs might just be the most wearable. Everything from the print to the faux rips to the layered waistbands are so on trend. Although I wouldn't suggest wearing these solo for casual Fridays. That is probably not the best business causal move.

It looks like the drawers are pretty popular in the real world, too. According to the website, the Faux Denim Boxer Briefs come in a size extra-small to XXXL. Unfortunately, the only ones still available for purchase are large and extra-large, as of Sept. 26.

Bustle reached out to American Eagle to see if there will be a restock soon. Because, let's face it. You can't live without these in your wardrobe.

AEO Faux Denim Boxer Brief, $9, American Eagle

In case you weren't already convinced that these were a must-buy, the unique boxers have some pretty glowing reviews on the American Eagle website. Fans are raving about the comfort, look and, yes, even sexiness of fake denim underwear.

According to buyer Cenafan from Cincinnati, Ohio, "These are my favorite pair of AE underwear yet. They 'dub' as a jean short look with the underwear band showing (great for dress up in the bedroom) and as underwear. They are very comfortable, sporty and incredibly sexy. Get a pair while they last."

If that "incredibly sexy" review doesn't convince you to buy these drawers, then I don't know what will.

It's worth noting that a few reviewers did say that the underwear run a bit small, so you might want to size up, if you're looking for maximum comfort. Oh, and sadly the pockets aren't real, so you're going to have to find somewhere else to put your wallet and phone.

With fall officially here and winter not too far behind, you might not be able to get away with wearing these as pants. Of course, their official purpose is an underwear, so you'll more than get enough wear out of these items.

Who knows what the fashion world will come up with next!