Perfume-Infused Temporary Tattoos Exist & They're Perfect For Festival Season

It's always exciting when a beauty product can double task. Whether that's face cream that doubles as sunscreen or foundation that heals acne, a two-for-one deal is always a nice perk. That's why Amkiri's body art perfumes are so exciting. They are "visual perfumes," that fuse fragrance with chic designs.

Amkiri claims to be the first brand to use ink infused with scent, letting you paint on your day's perfume. According to the brand's website, there was a simple question that sparked the idea behind the innovation. If fragrance can be a personal signature, why can’t it be seen?

Shoval Shavit Shapiro is the genius behind the body art, and she created the patented ink with her mother, Aliza Shavit. Shavit is a chemist and cosmetics expert, and the mother-daughter duo spent years trying to perfect the formula. After much lab time, the pair finally found out how to bring scent to trendy body art, and keep it there.

The brand claims the perfume lasts a whopping 12 hours, letting the signature scent trail after you all day long. The brand calls the scent in question "unisex," allowing a wider range of shoppers to enjoy the bouquet. The perfume has a blend of spearmint as its base, which is rounded out with spicy ginger oil and juniper berry. Cedar wood and musk come in as the undertones. It's meant to smell sexy and sophisticated, classic and clean.

The ink comes in a bottle that looks like liquid eyeliner. The tattoo ink comes in both black and ivory hues, and is hypoallergenic, long-lasting, water and sweat resistant, alcohol-free, and vegan and cruelty free.

As for application, you can choose between two different wands. One wand has a wider brush that is easy to use with the stencils provided, and the other is a freehand wand that has a fine-tip brush perfect for creating your own designs.

The stencil package comes with a pack of different stencils that vary across geometric prints, roses, and flamingos. If you can't draw a stick figure to save your life, then the stencils will help you express your mood, whether that's wild or understated. The package clocks in at $60 and comes with the wand, the perfume-infused ink, and 12 stencil sheets that have 95 variety designs.

You can also buy stencil sets separately, which are $12 a pop. Right now there are four stencil sets: floral, geometric, alphabet, and variety.

The freehand bundle is a little different. Costing $50, it comes with the scent, ink, and fine-tip brush, allowing you to draw everything from quotes to designs. If you're not sure what you want to create but have the urge to draw, Amkiri's site has an inspiration section that gives you ideas what to freehand.

The scented body art is perfect for not only festival season, but for the upcoming summer in general. But the true purpose behind Amkiri isn't just fashion, but self expression. "We believe that self-expression captures the beauty of human complexity, and aim to empower all to own the complete freedom of multisensory self-expression," Amkiri's site shares. Draw on your diamonds and geometric patterns, and smell great all day.