Angela & Meredith Recreating Their Fave ‘Office’ Scene Is Just As Amazing As You’d Hope

Baking With Josh & Ange/YouTube

Over nine seasons of The Office, there were never two more opposite characters than Meredith Palmer and Angela Martin. But in real life, the actors who play them are still good friends five years after the show came to an end, and now, they're gifting fans with the best moment ever. Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery recreated their favorite Angela and Meredith moment from The Office — in character — and it's just as amazing as you might hope.

This all went down when Flannery was a guest on the YouTube baking show that Kinsey does every week with husband, Joshua Snyder, called Baking With Josh & Ange. During Flannery's appearance, they made Irish Potato Candy, a family recipe she loved as a child, but as yummy as the finish product looked, that wasn't the real winning moment of the video. That didn't happen until they were answering fan questions, and one fan just so happened to request that Flannery and Kinsey reenact their favorite scene as Meredith and Angela.

Best of all, the scene they ended up choosing is definitely one that a lot of fans will agree with as one of Meredith and Angela's best shared moments of the show: When Angela was super anti-stripper, pissing off Meredith in the process.

If your Office memory is a little fuzzy (and it's hard to imagine why it would be, because don't we all watch this show on a loop on Netflix?), this moment comes from the episode "Ben Franklin." Michael wanted to get Phyllis a stripper for her bachelorette party — which is clearly very inappropriate for work — so Jim hired a Benjamin Franklin impersonator instead. But before that happened, Angela had to voice her disappointment, and Meredith was pissed AF that she might miss out on a stripper in the office because of it.

Even though it's been more than a decade since Flannery and Kinsey originally acted out this scene, their recreation couldn't have been more perfect, and seeing it unfold was funny and adorable at the same time. Why did The Office ever have to end?

Flannery and Kinsey also answered other questions about their time on The Office, including Flannery's favorite Meredith moment. For the record, it was when, in "Casual Friday," Meredith's dress slipped down and her breast came out for everyone to see (and she left it a mystery whether or not that was her actual breast blurred out in the scene). She also revealed that when Meredith shaved her head after a lice breakout, she didn't actually shave her head — but if she had, it would have been worth it. Meredith's wigs that season as a running gag were pretty priceless, but it's still a good thing that Flannery didn't have to lose her hair for the joke.

Oh, and another fun tidbit from the video: At one point, Flannery's father wrote her a letter asking her to stop flashing people on The Office.

"Dear Kate, stop taking off your shirt. Love, Dad," Flannery said, remembering the letter. "And there was a stamp of the pope on the letter."

Even outside of their comments about the show, it was good to see Flannery and Kinsey back in action again. Angela and Meredith may have never gotten along, but that's not the case for these two.

The Office might be over, but the cast's friendships are living on, and it's a beautiful thing. Plus, if that reboot ever happens, fans can rest assured that the chemistry is definitely still there.