This New Perfume Will Have People Asking You What You're Wearing

Anine Bing

A signature scent is so much more than just a smell — it can bring you back to a time you may have forgotten about and it can define who you are as a person. For rose lovers, Anine Bing's Savage Rose perfume, her newest scent, could be just that for those who haven't found a favorite fragrance or are looking to mix it up for fall.

Much like personal style, a signature scent can set the tone for who you are, how you're feeling, or how other people interact with you. Are you a lover of vanillas? Tobacco smells? Florals? Clean laundry? Whichever you prefer, there's a scent out there for you. And for those who love the smell of fresh florals, Savage Rose was basically concocted for you.

With a name like that, how can it not impress you? The perfume, according to the press release, is Bulgarian rose mixed with "luscious white rose to make a scent reminiscent of a forgotten rose garden in full bloom." Sounds like a pretty intoxicating smell. With notes of musk and black pepper, it's got a spicy side to it, too.

Anine Bing

Savage Rose, $69, Anine Bing

I mean, the packaging alone is reason to buy the perfume. Imagine how it'll look on those #shelfies. Minimalist in feel, it makes sense for the Scandinavian fashion brand.

Anine Bing's official Instagram has been posting teasers all week to lead up to this big reveal of the brand's first signature scent.

“I love thinking about the duality in women — how we have many sides. We are feminine and masculine, light and dark, soft and strong. I wanted Savage Rose to really capture the essence of the ANINE BING brand, but also the ANINE BING girl, and her many layers,” said Anine Bing in the press release.

You can shop Savage Rose at for $69 starting Aug. 23. And judging by the many praising comments on Instagram, this one's sure to be a hit.

Seems like it's going to be the It girl's perfume for fall. With a mix of strong and soft smells, it's the perfect scent that can transition from day to night.