Anne Hathaway's Impression Of Matthew McConaughey Is Really, Really Uncanny

by Parry Ernsberger

It's pretty common to inadvertently pick up a few of someone else's mannerisms after you've spent a ton of time with them. During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Anne Hathaway's impression of Matthew McConaughey proved that she didn't just pick up on a *few* of his now-distinctive traits. She basically knows how to embody him entirely — accent, cadence, swagger, and all. It's seriously uncanny.

On Jan. 14, Hathaway appeared on Kimmel's late-night talk show to promote Serenity, her new thriller that costars McConaughey. After rolling a brief clip of the film — which looks super creepy, by the way — Hathaway joked, "Matthew is aging backwards."

Kimmel agreed, and added, "You know what? He is just such a delightfully unusual person." He then asked, "Do you find yourself becoming part of his orbit? Because it seems like — I've been around him a few times, and everybody just kind of does what he's up to."

Without hesitation, Hathaway nodded and replied, "Absolutely. Totally." She continued to explain, "You're with him and all of the sudden you find yourself kind of like, leaning back. Maybe you don't enunciate as much, but sometimes you do. You enunciate intentionally," she said, in a near-perfect McConaughey-style accent.

You know what she's talking about, right? He's got that cool, slow, Southern drawl, which is occasionally peppered with dramatic intent. Well, if you closed your eyes and listened to Hathaway doing her impression of him on Kimmel, there's a good chance that you'd think it was actually McConaughey speaking. Seriously — it's that good.

"Everyone does an impersonate of [him]," Kimmel commented. "Yours is very good," he told Hathaway. "Most people go with 'Alright, alright, alright.'" (The phrase he made famous in Dazed & Confused.) Not Hathaway, though — she's got range when it comes to her costar, especially.

To prove her prowess, she then began to riff as McConaughey on the topic of football. "Foot-bawwwl," she said, dragging out the second syllable as she leaned back in her chair. "Before a game, sit down, play a little ball, maybe break a sweat first. Have the kids, children, family, intentions," she dead-panned before breaking into laughter.

Words on a page truly don't do it justice. You need to watch the actual clip to get the full effect. "I feel like I'm in the back seat of a Lincoln right now," Kimmel joked, referencing the car brand for which McConaughey has been the face of since 2014.

After tabling her impression, Kimmel and Hathaway went on to briefly discuss Serenity. Well, kind of. Apparently, there's not much you can say about the film without giving something away. "You can't really know anything going in," the actor admitted. "But it's a mystery, and a thriller, and it's sexy, and it's wrong." Hmm. All of that is super vague, and yet, somehow intriguing, too?

Both Hathaway and McConaughey are Oscar-winning actors, so it's probably safe to assume that Serenity will be pretty good. On the other hand, if it ends up being a total flop, at least Hathaway can fall back on being a McConaughey impersonator for the remainder of her career.