Another 'Bad Moms' Sequel Is Coming, But There's A Twist

The Bad Moms’ moms are returning for another round of debauchery and questionable parenting. And, to be clear, we're not talking about Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn, we're talking about their onscreen moms. On Tuesday, April 2, STX Films announced at CinemaCon that Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon, and Cheryl Hines will star in a new Bad Moms sequel, Bad Moms’ Moms, as reported by Variety. It's a very appropriately titled follow-up to Bad Moms and A Bad Moms Christmas, and, frankly, it already sounds like one of the greatest ideas in cinematic history.

Baranski, Sarandon, and Hines will reprise their roles from A Bad Moms Christmas (2017), in which they joined forces to play the mothers of the three original bad moms. While announcing the film, STX Films chief Adam Fogelson said the movie was "a whole new adventure that is attracting all sorts of great talent," as per Variety.

In A Bad Moms Christmas, Hines portrayed Bell’s smothering mom who had a great heart but wants to be involved in everything, while Sarandon's character, mother to Hahn, played the polar opposite — a free spirit who hadn't spent time with her daughter in years. Baranski rounded out the group, playing Kunis’ over-the-top perfectionist mom who judges everything her daughter does. (Honestly, it’s an underrated performance from the film legend.)

The storyline hasn’t been announced as of yet, but the ending of A Bad Moms Christmas might provide a clue. Spoiler alert: by the end of the film, the three moms had become friends in their own right, and they finished the film by announcing their plans to take a girls’ trip to Las Vegas. Bad Moms’ Moms could be the female version of The Hangover with iconic mothers, and we’re totally here for it.

The three legendary actors previously spoke to EW about creating A Bad Moms Christmas in 2017, opening up about their relationships with the women who play their daughters. “I didn’t even have to work at it [with Mila],” Baranski said. “I met her, I fell in love with her. She’s just so alive and so spontaneous in life and in front of a camera that I felt I actually learned from her.” Meanwhile, Hines had known Bell for ten years prior to the film, making them a natural pairing. “In my mind it was always big-sister bonding,” she said. “But for the movie we switched it up to mother-daughter.”

Sarandon also spoke about one of the film's more raunchy moments involing her and This Is Us star Justin Hartley's character. "He was very sweet, and he didn’t mind me licking his nipples and all the other ridiculous things I had to do," she said. "I have a group shot with all those other guys that would make a really provocative Christmas card."

Bad Moms became a soaring success when it was released in 2016, grossing over $184 million worldwide on a $20 million budget. A spin-off entitled Bad Dads was initially planned for release in July 2017, but that idea was seemingly ditched in favor of focusing on the moms’ moms, which clearly turned out to be the right choice.

There's no word yet on whether Bell, Kunis, and Hahn will return to support their on-screen moms in the new sequel. Regardless, this movie's shaping up to be a whole lot of mom mayhem.