"The Mooch" Randomly Shared A Jon Snow Quote & Twitter Is Losing It

by Lani Seelinger
Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you were worried that the comedic potential of Anthony Scaramucci ended when he was forced out of his post as White House communications director, stop worrying. The Mooch tweeted a cryptic Jon Snow quote on Sunday night, and it basically lit Twitter on fire. Even better than the tweet, though, were the Twitter reactions to Scaramucci's Game of Thrones tweet.

People have strong feelings about Scaramucci, apparently, but even stronger feelings about Game of Thrones and Jon Snow — but then again, who wouldn't? If you've been watching since the beginning, Jon Snow is basically the most principled character in the entire show. The one character who has never yet been willing to manipulate and murder his way to the top. A character who has, to be sure, seen and participated in his share of violence, but who has overwhelmingly decided to act in whichever way he thinks will most benefit the people in his charge, no matter how it affects him. Jon Snow has never made a decision out of a desire to be popular, and he even ended up getting stabbed to death for it at the end of Season 5.

And then, there's Donald Trump and his loyal supporter Anthony Scaramucci. Given Trump's propensity to lie and manipulate, well, he's not exactly a copy of the King in the North. And then Scaramucci, who frequently professed his love for the president, tweets this:

Was he referring to Trump? Was he referring to Trump's critics? Was he just quoting a favorite character of a favorite show? Naturally, Twitter had thoughts. Here are the best of them.


To Continue The GoT Connection ...

So here we're assuming that the Mooch is calling out Trump's lies? Either way, Trump is definitely the Night King in the scenario.


We're All With You, Kate

Do we agree with Scaramucci? Or does it mean something totally different? Is there no way to tell?


When America Is Like Westeros

It's just too difficult to keep track with the shifting alliances and enemies.


Again, Speaking For All Of Us

You don't get to work for the liar in chief and then claim that Jon Snow speaks for you. Just, no.


It's Been Obvious For So Long

At this point in the Trump administration, there have probably been hundreds of columns written discussing this phenomenon — but it seems like Scaramucci needed Jon Snow to truly understand it.


I Could Read These For Days

Can't you just hear the Night King chanting "Lock Her Up!" and referring to Daenerys Targaryen?


This Guy Seems Smart

Using one quote to combat another, as you do.


Let's Get Our Characters Straight

The only thing I dislike about this metaphor is that Littlefinger is quite a bit smoother and more polished than the Mooch ever was.


The Mooch Knows Nothing

In twenty years, "You know nothing, Jon Snow" might end up being the most lasting part of the entire show. And, unsurprisingly, it's been put to perfect use here.


Again: Jon Snow Is Not Yours

Anyone who ever worked in the Trump White House is basically the anti-Jon Snow, period.


This Is The Right Interpretation, Right?

Like, this seems right, but then again ...


Someone Had To Say It

Leave it to Bronn to cut through all the fluff.


This Really Encapsulates It

I mean, there's at least a tiny chance that this is a repentant Mooch, right? Or no?


Other People Can Quote The Show, Too

If we remember who Scaramucci worked for, it would have meant just as much for him to tweet "Hodor."


Let's Think About False Promises

The Trump administration has offered numerous false promises and lies — although the jury's still out as to whether they've gotten better and better.


The Ultimate Diss

To someone who seems like quite the attentions seeker, this is a sick burn.


When The Juxtaposition of Scaramucci and Snow Is Just Too Much

I mean, maybe this is a bit extreme, but still.


Unfortunately For The Mooch ...

Too bad the Game of Thrones quotes don't always come true, at least for some people.


The Confusion Is Intense

What is this even supposed to mean?!


Maybe Trump Did Hire The Right Guy

One day, a historian writing a monograph on the Trump presidency in retrospect will use this quote at the very top of the first chapter.


Basically, Yes

You know what they say — an emoji speaks a thousand words.

Tweet on, Scaramucci. We'll be right here to keep analyzing all of it.