Anti-Betsy DeVos Memes To Share On Social Media

by Charlie Beckerman
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Even though Donald Trump's cabinet picks are a motley crew, complete with some who actually appear bent on taking down many of the departments they're being nominated to be put in charge of, one nominee stood out as, perhaps, the weakest — or at least the least likely to be confirmed. Trump's pick for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, seemed like her confirmation could actually be in jeopardy. On Monday night, Senate Democrats held an all-night protest of Devos' nomination, with senators speaking out against her lack of qualifications for the position. But it wasn't enough. On Tuesday afternoon, DeVos' nomination was confirmed by Vice President Mike Pence's tie-breaking vote after the Senate split 50-50.

Democrats' goal was to get one more Republican to break ranks and vote against DeVos' appointment. Protests broke out as DeVos' nomination neared success, with education activists and teacher's unions lobbying hard against her appointment. The hashtag #holdthefloor nimbly outpaced any pro-DeVos hashtags on Twitter Monday night and Tuesday morning, and many were hoping to sway one more Republican senator before the vote Tuesday.

Ultimately, only two GOP senators voted "no" to Devos: Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. The two senators already announced their intention to vote against DeVos ahead of Tuesday's confirmation. That brought the Senate to a 50-50 deadlock with the final vote going to Pence, who, unsurprisingly, backed the president's nominee.

Though the effort failed, you can check out the 7 best anti-DeVos, Hold The Floor memes here.

How Did She Get This Nomination Anyway?

It's almost like she bought the position.

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Of Course, Let's Not Forget What's Really At Stake Here

Puns are the future. Wait, no, I meant children are the future.

If Only There Was A Fictional Equivalent For Us...

"I must not tell lies..." style-education coming to a schoolhouse near you.

At The End Of The Day, It's All About Hitting The Phones

These GOP senators were thought to be the most persuadable on DeVos, but it's likely that many of them fear getting primary challenges from the right. Plus...

Also, If You're Wondering Why All Those Senators Voted For Her...

...that's why.