Aperol Spritz Swimsuits Exist, If You Want To Aggressively Rep Your Fave Cocktail

by Lia Beck

If you're into Aperol Spritzes — like, really into them — then this new collaboration is for you. Chubbies is selling Aperol Spritz swimsuits, including swim trunks and a one-piece swimsuit. The swimsuits don't look like an Aperol Spritz, but again, if you're really passionate about the cocktail to the point that you want a swimsuit dedicated to it, then gosh darn it, someone has finally answered your prayers.

Chubbies, which primarily sells bro-tastic shorts for both land and sea, teamed up with Aperol for the new items. The swim trunks are called "Aperol Spritz En Fuegos" and feature a "#AperolSpritz" patch on a pair of multicolored printed shorts. The print is reminiscent of an Arizona Lemon Iced Tea can, so if you are also a fan of Arizona tea, then surprise! This also the swimwear for you.

The swimsuit is called the "Aperol Spritz Oasis One-Piece," is in the same print as the shorts, also has a patch, and has a bright orange lining that actually does match an Aperol Spritz. According to the Chubbies site, "In true retro fashion, this one-piece swimsuit hits high on the hips and rides low in the back — just like your mom rocked it back in the day."

Much like a cocktail on a hot summer day, these swimsuits will cost ya. The swim trunks are going for $59.50 and the one-piece for $69.50 while supplies last.

The Aperol Spritz — which consists of Aperol, Prosecco, and soda water — has been around since the 1950s, but it has recently seen a burst of popularity in the U.S. and has even been called the drink of the summer. In a New York Times article from July titled "There's a Reason You're Drinking So Much Aperol Spritz," the vice president of marketing at Campari America, Melanie Batchelor, noted that the brand decided to make a push in the U.S. after seeing "there was a growing interest in Aperol in the U.S., especially at summer events and destinations."

And it makes sense. Aperol Spritzes are refreshing, feel a bit more fancy as compared to drinking wine or beer, and are more Instagram-able. As Batchelor said, according to CNN, "The Aperol Spritz is such a gorgeous cocktail, with its distinctive, orange color. We know social media is one of the drivers of awareness. It's one of the most Instagrammed cocktails."

The swimsuits from Chubbies are one way to show your love for the Aperol Spritz (besides, you know, actually drinking one), but there are plenty of other Aperol-themed products out there, even if they aren't actually Aperol-branded. Soludos has spritz espadrilles. Society6 has a spritz pillow. Bitters & Bottles Bar Supplies has a spritz enamel pin. And, unsurprisingly, there are a bunch of Aperol Spritz items on Etsy, from personalized glasses to greeting cards to posters.

The Aperol Spritz swimwear and the other products are not going to be for everyone, but the fact that they even exist shines a light on how trends are formed and how strongly they can catch on once they exist. Now we'll just have to see if the Aperol Spritz is still the drink of the summer next year, or if something else takes over.