You Can Look Forward To These New Emojis On Apple

by Kaitlyn Wylde

In the celebratory spirit of World Emoji Day on Jul. 17, Apple previewed their next big emoji update. The good news is: the new emojis are flipping awesome, funny, relevant, and totally hit the spot. The bad news is: they're not going to be available until later this year. This preview is essentially a massive tease, but a great opportunity to practice patience, as Apple isn't even giving us an exact date to put in our calendars and look forward to.

The best part about the upcoming update, is that the emojis are exactly the things we need. For example, there's a legit zombie that is mid-zombie walk in the update! I can't tell you how many times I've needed that emoji before. It's definitely got a home in my "recently used" tab of the future. And think about how many times you type out "mind blown" or try to depict it with a smiley face and a cloud or fire burst. Soon, you won't have to. Yup, there's a "mind blown" emoji, round and cute with the top of his head cracking open.

So if you were thinking that you wanted to celebrate World Emoji Day but didn't really know how, here's your game plan, ogle these new emojis and get your friends excited about them, too. In addition to translating Selena Gomez songs into pure emojis, of course — that's how I plan on celebrating their release. Here's your first look at what's to come. Oh, the possibilities!

Hello Worldly People!


We've got a woman in a headscarf, a man with a full beard, a man practicing yoga, and a woman breastfeeding.

These Are Seriously Extra, Yet Somehow Necessary


Zombies, elves, dinosaurs, and zebras, how did we ever live with out them? At least, the zombies and elves. Those come up in conversation much more frequently than one might imagine. Shocking, but true.

All The Faces


I imagine "starstruck" will a massive Instagram comment contender. The hearts in the eyes were nice, but sometimes they come off as flirty. Stars are a perfect middle ground. My mind is blown for the "mind blown" — not to give my friends too much credit, but really, they're always blowing my mind. And the last two will get a lot of use on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, if you know what I mean.

TL;DR: I can't wait for these new emojis. Check 'em all out here!