April Fools' Day Pranks That Will Fool Even The Impossible To Prank

by Kiersten Hickman

Have someone in your life that is absolutely impossible to prank, especially on April Fools' Day? They probably turn their nose up at things like a fake engagement on Facebook or a box of free "donuts" on the counter (which are really donuts filled with mayonnaise, or maybe an empty box altogether). These people know what to look for, which is why as April Fools' Day approaches you probably need to know how to prank someone who's impossible to prank.

Pro-tip: You need to go for the shockers. When it comes to planning out pranks for the day, think of all the pranks that normal people try to pull — like toothpaste in Oreos, or BBQ sauce swapped with chocolate syrup. Instead you have to get super creative, and think of all the ways that you can catch this impossible prankster completely off guard. To do so, there's probably going to be a lot of planning, a lot of popping out of corners, and, if you can, a lot of masks and clown costumes. Especially if they're scared of that crazy It movie trailer floating around news feeds right now.

All in all, you're going to need some time to plan out what to do, because a good prank always requires a plan. Here's a few ideas to get you started when it comes to pranking someone who's impossible to prank.

Clown Around

Wear a clown suit, and be ready when someone opens a door!

"Rick Roll" Someone Online

Flashback to 2008 with this prank! They'll never expect it. Send a text message or a post online that says something like, "oh my gosh I really want these shoes," and copy and paste this link:

Hide A Fake Creature In Their Mailbox

Like a nasty lizard, or a rat!

Hide In The Cupboard

Just when they think they'll be grabbing peanut butter...

Pop-Up Box

"I wasn't expecting anything from Amazon today..."

Behind-The-Door Scare

Re-create this epic Ellen DeGeneres and Taylor Swift scare by hiding behind the door!

Dress Up Their Dog Like A Creature

That spider is huge!

Hide In The Shower

So simple, yet so effective!

Double Scare

Create a diversion for the real prank!

Pull Out Your "Hair"

Get some extensions and pull these puppies out when you're getting really angry!