April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Instagram That Go Beyond A Standard Fake Engagement Ring Selfie

April Fools' Day-themed Facebook posts are so 2013 — it’s time to start trying something new. With Instagram offering the ability to post stories, live video, boomerangs, albums, and all these other crazy features, pulling an just got way more exciting. But finding the right thing to post? Well, that can get a bit tricky…

Think of the amount of people that are going to posting fake engagement rings on April Fools' Day. Probably everyone you know (I apologize profusely to all the folks who actually got engaged that day, but no one will believe you). This year, you want to go past the usual engagement ring selfie. You really want to give your friends a good scare — a prank above all pranks. One that will either make them scream, cry, laugh, and sigh with cuteness.

If you’re all about the pranks, and your have the most followers on Instagram out of all your social media platforms, than these pranks are perfect for your Instagram feed. However, this should probably come with a warning. Some of these pranks may cause some unfollows, so be wary that it could cause your numbers a small decline... but it will totally be worth it, because who needs the haters anyway?

New Pet


Snag a friend’s pet (that your followers don’t know) and take a selfie announcing that you got a new cat, dog, fish, etc.

Fake Boyfriend Selfie


Bonus points go to anyone who can run up to someone random, selfie, and run away for this Instagram shot! Make sure to add that #relationshipgoals hashtag.

Moving Day


Snap a photo of a moving truck and let everyone know you’ll be heading out to the most random location you can think of (Alaska? Canada?) soon!

Fake Vacation


Have any saved photos from a previous vacation that you haven’t posted yet? Post that photo and set your location to some far off place!

Bug Invasion


Scare someone with a video, or just take a boomerang of all the “bugs” that are invading your home.

Video Of You "Playing" An Instrument


Tell all of your followers that you’ve been practicing for months and you’re now taking inquiries for gigs!