Hilarious & Totally On Point Memes About Trees For Arbor Day

Want to have a good laugh this Arbor Day? If so, these hilarious Arbor Day memes, because not only will they encourage you to celebrate Arbor Day this Apr. 28, but they'll also have you chuckling your way through the day. While you won't be laughing at trees themselves (what would there be to laugh at anyway?), you will be laughing at humanity's stupidity when it comes to their general disregard for preserving them.

Aside from being breathtakingly beautiful, trees are pretty much the most important thing to exist on planet Earth. Along with producing oxygen for humans and animals that allow them to stay alive, they also help dispose of the carbon dioxide that we create by exhaling oxygen. It's such a perfect system, isn't it? So let's keep that system going by making sure we don't lose one of the only things keeping us alive. One of these memes puts it so aptly, stating that if trees gave off wifi signals, we'd be planting them left and right... "too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe." (That's sarcasm, FYI.)

Along with producing oxygen for the planet, trees also serve as the home to a plethora of species, both animal and plant life. Whenever anything goes extinct, it's an irreversible tragedy. Don't let that happen. Spread the word, plant a tree, and help fight the good fight. Never forget that when all the forests are gone we will be too.

Hopefully that day never comes.

Because trees really are our superheros, saving our lives on the daily.

It gives you oxygen, shade, fruit, and paper... of course it's a friend.

It's right.

Sorry kid, that's not quite how it works — though I do like your passion.

Fact, bro.

I'll cheers to that.

Because when you get to the heart of it, Arbor Day is no laughing matter.