This 'Catfish' Couple's Romance May Have Fizzled

Another Wednesday, another new episode of Catfish on MTV, and another couple with a wild backstory of deception. Somehow, Catfish couple Colleen and Tony defy nearly every assumption you might make about a couple on the show, though there are still some major red flags in their relationship.

First of all, they're engaged after only knowing one another for three months. That seems like a big step to take with someone you haven't met in person. But their episode surprisingly culminates in an finale where Colleen and Jeremy get engaged for real, and decide to continue their relationship. But I'm sorry to say, it doesn't seem like the couple's union continued for much longer after the show's two month check-in. Or at least that's what it looks like from their social media.

Colleen is still online and still on social media, but it looks like she's engaged no more — her current Facebook relationship status is "single." She hasn't publicly updated anything in about six months, but it does look like as of December 2016, she was just hanging out with her dog and having a good time on her own, with no Jeremy in sight. Whatever the outcome, she got to give her relationship with Jeremy a chance, and the two even spent some time together in real life, offline.

Jeremy is spending his post-Catfish time being mysterious and not publicizing any social media profiles. That makes sense for a guy who seemed on the show to be extremely self-conscious about his identity. But I'd be sad to learn if Colleen has moved on but Jeremy has not. Hopefully he can figure out a way to open up to someone without having to deceive them about anything, including his race. And while that conversation between Jeremy, his sister, and the Catfish hosts was incredibly awkward, it was something that really needed to happen for him to move forward.

Despite the fact that the couple's fairytale ending doesn't appear to have lasted, theirs was still an incredible episode, and one that ended in a totally unique way. When even Nev and Max are stumped, it makes for the juiciest Catfish reveals.