Christy & Todd Will Last Beyond 'Little Women' S6

Richard Knapp/Lifetime

Little Women: LA returned Tuesday, Feb. 28, and Season 6 is already proving to be as dramatic as expected. Christy McGinity Gibel has never been shy in the spotlight — she's always been one to fulfill reality TV expectations of name-calling, fighting, and confronting others with accusations — but this season her drama may have less to do with her co-stars and more to do with her husband Todd. After watching the premiere episode, fans are wondering if Christy and Todd from Little Women: LA still together, or if she followed through on some worrying statements from the premiere.

In the Season 6 premiere episode, Christy was concerned about Todd's health and told friends that she was considering leaving him if he couldn't make changes. We know that Season 6's taping wrapped long ago, so did Christy and Todd reconcile? Or will they split up this season? I took to social media to look for clues and based on Christy and Todd's Twitter and Facebook accounts, it looks like the couple is probably still together. Here are all of the hints I found online that point to Christy and Todd's relationship surviving Season 6, even it hits a few roadbumps along the way.

Christy's Facebook Profile Picture

Christy updated her Facebook profile picture to a photo with Todd and her daughter on Monday, Feb. 27. So, it seems like Todd's still in the picture.

Todd Constantly Tweets About Christy

Todd's Twitter feed is basically all Christy retweets — or about the Cleveland Indians. He retweeted Christy as recently as Monday, Feb. 27.

Christy Has A Romantic Post Pinned

Christy has this romantic post pinned to the top of her Twitter feed.

Todd's Twitter Bio Says It All

Since Todd's Twitter bio includes the word "soulmate" and #TeamChristyandTodd, it's safe to say that the couple is still going strong since Little Women: LA Season 6 wrapped.