Mark & Christmas Could Be 'BB19's First Showmance

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 19 has officially kicked off, and fans online were already putting together their ideal showmances before the first commercial break in the show's June 28 premiere. It was "showmance" at first sight once Mark and Christmas of Big Brother 19 walked into the same room, according to the fans. Mark even revealed in the diary room that his eyes were immediately drawn to Christmas. Sparks were flying between nearly every houseguest the moment all the contestants saw each other for the first time, but fans noticed one similarity between the two that make these two the incredibly likely: muscles.

Working on their own bodies is a major hobby of both Mark and Christmas. They're both major physical threats in Big Brother, and the two of them teaming up could mean eviction for anyone who is unable to keep up. But is that enough for them to end up as the first big showmance of the season? It's worth noting that almost everyone in the house had their eyes turn to either Mark or Christmas in those crucial first moments, meaning that they may end up in showmances with other people instead of each other. Despite Big Brother's constant warning to expect the unexpected, fans of the show seem to want these two gym rat houseguests to end up together.

While Christmas caught Mark's eye, there was no indication that Mark happened to capture the attention of Christmas. If Mark spends the first few days of Big Brother 19 going after Christmas, he could be in for an unhappy surprise if she ends up falling for someone else in the house. Luckily for Mark, it seems that he's getting just as much attention as Christmas from other houseguests. So if he doesn't end up with Christmas, he'll probably be involved in at least one other relationship by the time his stay on Big Brother is over.

However the contestants pair up, there's no denying a Christmas and Mark showmance would be a dream come true for most fans and devastating to the other houseguests.