Are Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre Dating? Fans Think It Could Be An Elaborate Joke

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ah yes, Valentine's day. The holiday where everyone eats pink candy, tells the people they love how they feel, and post selfies with their significant others. However, in the celeb world, selfies on Valentine's can also be the perfect way to reveal a secret relationship. At least, that's what Eric Andre would like everyone to think. On Tuesday, the comedian posted several pics to Twitter that suggested actor Rosario Dawson and Andre are dating. The posts went viral, with fans, and even fellow celebs, completely confused by the potential pairing. With Valentine's day over and done with, it's still unclear whether Dawson and Andre are actually dating, so let's think about this.

Most people are questioning the relationship because of Andre's comedic style. His comedy career is based almost entirely off making others look silly, and it isn't such a crazy thought that this might all be an elaborate prank. Even Chance the Rapper, who is friends with Dawson, thought the posts might be a joke. When Chance asked Dawson personally, Andre fired back with some picture proof.

So, what exactly is the evidence that the two might be a for real couple? It all started when Dawson posted a pic of her and Andre at the zoo, standing in full prom pose.

The caption reads "Happy Valentines Day my love! #mycuddlyvalentine #valentines." The two do certainly look comfortable in this pic, but, to be fair, that Koala looks equally cuddly. Proof, this is not.

However, Andre not only shared the post to Twitter, but also responded with a gram of his own. Here it is:

This one was captioned "Happy Valentine's Day to the 🎶 LOoooVE OF MY LIFE! 🎶 💕@rosariodawson ❤️❤️❤️ ." At this point, Twitter was getting pretty riled up. These are certainly some couple-y photos, but Andre was really going ham on the heart emojis. Some thought these might be a bit over-enthusiastic for genuine love.

That didn't stop Andre, who continued to post Valentines tweets throughout the day. Some were just pics of Dawson, but others featured the two together.

Sure, this could be a couple photo, but then this happened:

This tweet, and a few other similar posts by Andre, felt a little more tongue in cheek. At this point, Chance the Rapper had the exact same reaction as the fans, which is to say, "wait, what?" Chance went as far as to text Dawson to ask if the whole thing was a sham, and Andre clapped back accordingly.

The whole ordeal was already shaping up to be pretty hilarious. If the two are truly dating, it would be pretty typical of Andre to announce the relationship in such a confusing manner. The tweet-storm was certainly packed with PDA, and, if the two are simply trolling, it is a pretty detailed social media scheme.

However, some factions of the internet are still convinced the whole thing might be a farce. Wednesday morning, Dawson commented on their Valentine's day announcement with an entirely unhelpful post that neither confirmed nor denied the relationship.

OK, so is that "Ahahaha, how funny that everyone was fooled by this joke" or is that "Ahahaha, we are madly in love but nobody believes it"? Neither Dawson nor Andre have posted anything that clears up the meaning behind this social media love fest. Knowing Andre's commitment to comedy, fans may never find out for sure.