This Purse Brand Makes Waterproof Bags That Actually Aren't Ugly

There is nothing worse than being caught in a drizzle that turns into a tsunami while you're in the middle of running for the train. Soaked hair and squishy shoes are always a bummer, but the worst is when your bag gets wet — and the laptop and work papers you might have in it. Enter Save My Bag, the Italian label that makes waterproof purses that actually aren't ugly.

There are plenty of totes and work bags on the market that are waterproof, but they're usually very utilitarian or minimalist looking. But it's rare to find bags that look high fashion and streetstyle ready, and can take a torrential downpour or flurry without soaking through.

Made in Italy out of Poly-Fabric with Lycra, the purses are created from a soft blend that is super light. Functioning like any other bag you would buy — offering pockets, zippers, and drawstrings — what sets this brand apart is that it is stop-traffic-beautiful. Coming in a variety of different styles — from handbags, to party clutches, to travel backpacks — these designs come in a variety of different colors and looks, offering something for everyone.

But do they deliver?

Curious if these purses could actually be this stylish and still do what they promise to do, I test drove two styles: the Portofino handbag and the quilted backpack.

The Portofino is designed with the refined woman in mind, where it's an elegant bag with a contemporary look. It's a normal sized bag and features a small front pocket big enough for your phone, but doesn't have any pockets on the inside. To remedy that, my bag came with the "Jump" purse organizer, which has two big pockets on either side of the sleeve, and makes taking out the contents of your purse and switching them to a different bag super easy. These are sold separately from the bag, between $42-$49.

My first initial reaction when taking this out of the box was a flash of pure delight. It looks exactly like its picture, and when I put it up against my outfit it gave it an expensive, classy touch. But be warned: Without the "Jump" pocket the bag isn't as sturdy and slightly droops. So if you want it to have structure, definitely get it with the additional pocket. Also, the black outline of the purse you see in the photos is the raw edge of the Poly-Fabric, but I personally think it helps make the bag pop.

Since it was a sunny day in Chicago when I got it, I had to test out the waterproof claim in a more DIY way. Filling it with papers and plopping it on my deck and bringing out the hose, I sprayed water into the air so it came down like a medium rain. The one design point I was a little worried about was the fact that the Portofino was shaped like an upside-down trapezoid, and the zipper didn't extend to its corners. So if rain began to fall, there would be two openings for water to get into the bag. But since I had the Jump pocket, everything was dry, even after watering it for a couple of minutes. But if you don't want the added expense of the pocket, I would choose the "Black Label Miss" design which zips all the way, but only comes in the color black.

If you want more variety, you can get the "Miss" design, which comes in three different sizes, and is available in more than 40 different colors — but it only snaps closed, so you will have to get the Jump pocket for it.

The second bag I tried was the "Paris Nero" Backpack, which was a black quilted backpack made out of the same waterproof material. Jet black and with a boxy, structured silhouette, it looked so luxe and well made, and would definitely elevate any all-black outfit.

Meant to work for all genders, it's surprisingly roomy inside, and has one front pocket and two bands on the inside to hold your laptop or tablet in place. When it was the backpack's turn in front of the hose, it kept the papers inside 100 percent dry since it zipped up all the way. Seeing how it was made from Poly-Fabric and not a sturdy leather, I was curious to see how it would look when it was packed with heavier items, and if there would be an awkward droop to the bottom. But even holding a laptop and three chapter books it kept its structure, though the top did billow a little every time you zipped and unzipped it. Keep in mind it can hold only five to seven pounds though, so don't over-pack.

Overall, if you're looking for a fashion forward, waterproof bag, Save My Bag is an amazing find. The only thing you would have to weigh is the price. These aren't leather pieces but light Poly-Fabric, so not everyone would be comfortable paying a higher-end price for something so soft and malleable.

But if you have been on the hunt for a truly waterproof bag that doesn't bring down your outfit, you can't do better than this brand. From the various styles to the hundreds of on-trend colors you can choose from, these totes, clutches, and backpacks will keep your stuff dry while also keeping you stylish in the murky weather. They do what they promise.