Yes, Tarte's Magic Wand Unicorn Brushes Are Vegan

A makeup brush with a unicorn horn-like handle? Sign. Me. Up. Tarte's Magic Wands Brush set is just another reason to forward to your daily makeup routine. These Tarte tools were inspired by fairytales, featuring pastel brush heads and gold, horn-like handles. There are five brushes in the $39 set, which is a total steal, since the brushes shake out to less than $8 a piece. Each brush serves a specific purpose and they are designed to either apply powder, liquid, or contouring products and to buff and blend eyeshadow. But what about the animal-friendliness of these brushes? Are the Tarte Magic Wand Brushes vegan?

Yes, you can rest easy knowing that no unicorns were harmed in the process of making these brushes. The Magic Wands are indeed vegan and cruelty-free, per the press materials that Bustle received from Tarte.

Here's a closer look at the brushes in this set. The tools are not sold separately, which makes total sense. These magic wands belong together and work in concert to create beautiful makeup looks. They are better together!

Check out those epic brush heads and the colors of the bristles. These brushes are all about form and function. We'll get into a detailed breakdown of each brush's responsibility in a sec.

First, you get the fluffy Pink Powder Brush for airbrushed foundation and powder, so you can start with a flawless canvas.

There is also a pair of eyeshadow tools. The Green Blending Eyeshadow Brush is for buffing and softening shadow lines, while the Blue Shading Eyeshadow Brush lets you pack on color and contour the eye region.

The Magenta Countour Brush was made specifically for contouring, strobing, and highlighting. The Purple Liquid Foundation Brush can be used to apply any creams, liquids, or primers.

IDK which element I prefer — the handles or the heads. Those handles could double as weapons, though.

Images: Courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics (2)