Attention, Don't Sleep On Kim K's New Fruit Fragrances

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everything that the Kardashian-Jenner family touches turns into a bestseller. Except for fruit-shaped fragrances, apparently. According to the KKW Fragrance website, Kim Kardashian's Kimoji Perfumes did not sell out on the first day. They didn't sell out on the second day either, but you won't want to miss your chance to snag these quirky bottles.

If you're still looking to get some fresh-picked Kardashian fruit, you're in luck. As of July 18, all three Kimoji Fragrances are still in stock. Whether you're looking to stock up on Kimoji Cherry, Vibes, Peach, or all three, you can snag them all.

Surprisingly, these three Kimoji Fragrances are also the most affordable ones of the entire line. The bottles are somewhat smaller than the past creations, but they are priced at $45. That's a $15 price-drop compared to the KKW Body and Crystal Collection.

Not to mention that all of the Kimoji Collections have been discontinued after a certain amount of time. As Kardashian stated on her social media, these Kimoji Fragrances will be discontinued as well. This is the perfect time to snag them, if you haven't already. The social media star didn't say exactly when these scents would be kicked off the website forever, so you should probably shop while you still can.

This comes at somewhat of a surprise, since Kardashian-made fragrances typically fly off the virtual shelves. The very first launch of KKW Fragrance sold incredibly fast, as was the Body Fragrance. Considering that those are permanent scents, that should mean that the limited edition launches go even faster.

There could be a few reasons why they aren't selling as fast. One is because, well, you don't get to smell the scent through the screen. Essentially, people are buying this either because of the adorable packaging or the scent notes online.

According to the KKW Fragrance website, Kimoji Cherry smells like juicy red cherry, luscious raspberry, and sweet strawberry. Kimoji Vibes has notes of sparkling bergamot, watery melon, and juicy pineapple. Last, but not least, the Kimoji Peach smells like succulent peach, juicy nectarine, and mandarin.

Basically, these are summery scents, if there ever were some. It comes as no surprise that these are limited edition scents, because they are perfect for the warmer months. Of course, you can wear them year-round, if you decide to buy them.

This isn't the first time that Kardashian has released limited edition Kimoji Fragrances. The first time around, the social media star created the heart-shaped bottles for Valentine's Day. The three bottles said "Bae," "Ride OR Die," and "BFF." They have never been seen again, just like neither will these fruit-shaped bottles.

Kardashian broke the internet with the bottles, after it was spotted that she was sending them as Valentine's Day gifts to some of her enemies. She posted the video on her Instagram stories, showing that Taylor Swift and Blac Chyna would be getting the gifts.

This campaign wasn't as interactive. Actually, it didn't involve people at all. Kardashian choose to use her Kimojis to promote the Kmoji Fragrances. The animated women danced around, holding the perfumes in their hands. It was, well, something different than she's ever done before.

Kardashian also promoted the fragrances on her own social media, of course. She didn't start promoting on her personal account until the day of the launch though. There's a good chance that it contributed to these not selling out on the first day.

Regardless of what you're reason for not initially buying these are, you might want to do so now. Don't sleep on these fragrances, because once they are gone, they are going to be gone for good.