Are The Quay x Desi Black Fade High Keys Back In Stock? Get Them While You Can, Fans

When it comes to beauty bloggers, there are fewer names more recognizable than Desi Perkins. The stunning and talented YouTuber, however, has massively branched out with Quay Australia. The Quay x Desi High Key sunnies are easily some of the most popular on the market, and a popular sold out pair may just be back in stock.

Only a few short weeks ago, Perkins and Quay released new colorways of the super popular High Keys, and one seemed to stand out: the black fade. Fans of both Perkins and her sunnies were bummed when the ultra cool glasses sold out, but there's good news, fans! The Quay x Desi High Keys in black fade are back in stock, and they can officially be yours again.

As of press time, the totally badass sunglasses were still in stock at the Quay Australia website, but if they've sold out once before, they could just do it again. Snagging a pair quickly probably isn't a terrible idea because you certainly don't want to miss these beauties. They just might be the sunglasses of the summer. Plus, they've got a great price — $65 — if you're a sunglasses junkie who loves to splurge on a pair of glasses.

The black fade High Keys weren't the only sunnies to sell out, though. The silver High Keys also disappeared from the site. The gorgeous reflective, killer all silver sunglasses were dropped at the same time as the black fade, and it makes sense their popularity rival one another's.

Fans were totally stoked for the restock, too. How could they dream of going into summer without their favorite new sunnies nearby?

It seems as though it's a race to see who can snatch the fades and silver High Keys the fastest.

Some fans even used the opportunity to complete their collection. Clearly, fans of the Quay x Desi High Keys are committed, and now that the black fade and silver are back in stock, what are you waiting for? It's time to get summer ready with those sunnies.