Smashbox x Casey Holmes Isn't Limited Edition

Many brand x blogger collabs are limited edition, which makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Brands capitalize on trends and an online influencer's following to reach new audiences, while the influencer connects with an established company, further legitimizing their status. Then, they move on. The Smashbox x Casey Holmes palette collab, which features two Spotlight Highlighter Palettes at $35 a piece, has proven to be a hit already, selling out during the initial pre-sale.

It's a temporary sell out, since the palettes are restocking in staggered fashion next month.

But what's the status of the Smashbox x Casey Holmes Spotlight Palettes? Are the Gold and Pearl Spotlight Palettes, each of which features three circular pans of product and a mirror, limited edition or permanent addition?

I have terrific news, all you glow-getters. The Smashbox x Casey Holmes palettes are not limited edition, per the Smashbox Instagram post updating customers and eager fans of the tiered restock plan. They appear to be permanent products for now.

Glowing skin never really goes out of style nor is it a fleeting trend, so that's likely why Smashbox x Casey Holmes isn't a short-term collab. There is no need for makeup obsessives to get whipped up into a frenzy while hoping to nab the palettes, since they are not going away for good anytime soon!

We don't know how long the Smashbox x Casey Holmes palettes will be offered or if they will be discontinued eventually. Let's just revel in the fact that they will be stocking soon, mmmkay?

There are so many shopping options. The earliest option is to purchase the palettes now via the Smashbox site and they will ship next week. Or you can wait until they hit Sephora stores or their site. It's nice to have so many choices.

The one constant is that unmesswithable glow that comes courtesy of the Smashbox x Casey Holmes Spotlight palettes.

You will be the glowiest!

Here's the price confirmation, too!

Images: Smashbox/Instagram (3); Casey Holmes/Instagram (1)