This Selfie Of Tiffany Trump & Joe Biden's Granddaughter In The Hamptons Is So Unexpected

Pool/Getty Images News; Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

President Trump's youngest daughter is not in the public eye as much as her older sister, Ivanka, considering she is a law student and not a part of her father's administration. However, a recent photo of Tiffany Trump and Naomi Biden, Joe's granddaughter, is drawing attention, as it perhaps reveals an unexpected friendship. But in reality, Tiffany and Naomi go way back.

Tiffany Trimp posted the photograph of herself and Naomi Biden to her Instagram story on Sunday. The story featured the two women posing together in a black and white photo. Trump also placed a graphic of two intertwined hearts over the image.

According to Guest of a Guest, Biden and Trump both spent the weekend in Montauk, New York. The pair were reportedly in the area to attend a World Ocean's Day performance at the Surf Lodge. The performance featured Jaden Smith.

As Yahoo! reported, while it is unclear how close Trump and Biden are, their friendship is likely not new. The two women attended the University of Pennsylvania at the same time, with Trump receiving a degree in international relations and Biden earning a degree in sociology. The duo graduated in 2016 and President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden both attended their commencement ceremony. President Trump is very familiar with the university, as he graduated from University of Pennsylvania himself back in 1968 after studying business at The Wharton School.

For her part, Tiffany Trump has been attending law school at Georgetown University since August 2017. She occasionally references her studies on Instagram, like when she shared a video of a pile of papers and a textbook during what was (presumably) finals time at the end of November 2017.

However, Trump's attendance at Georgetown has not come without controversy. Indeed, back in June 2017, one of Trump's then-future law school classmates, Maria Kari, published an open letter to the first daughter in Teen Vogue. In her letter, Kari revealed that she was "terrified by the new president’s disdain for legal standards and factual analysis." She also added, "I am terrified by the constant dialogue of hate, fear-mongering, and psychological gaslighting that is infecting the body of the people." She then pointedly questioned why Tiffany Trump had chosen to attend Georgetown, writing:

Are you also made anxious by the ripple effect created by the current administration’s actions that is causing tremors of chaos around the world? ... Are you also fed up of and ready to challenge the vicious cycle of dispossession and disenfranchisement that this country’s 99.5% are stuck in? Are you also perplexed by the disregard shown to non-criminal undocumented persons who contribute so greatly to this great nation? Are you also confused why old white men get to legislate our reproductive rights? Most importantly, are you also alarmed by the growing disconnect and lack of compassionate advocates in the White House? I’m just wondering.

Trump did not comment publicly on Kari's open letter. Though, the letter did serve to illustrate some of the questions perpetuated by the first daughter's attendance at Georgetown.

While details of Trump's post-college life have been somewhat public, far less is known about Biden's endeavors following her time at the University of Pennsylvania. Indeed, the granddaughter of the former vice president seems to prefer to keep details of her life limited to those who know her. What appears to be her Instagram account is private and there are few media reports about her personal and professional endeavors following college.

Overall, Trump's Instagram photo showing her posing with Biden has certainly seemed to spark a conversation about whether the two women with presidential ties could be friends. While it's impossible to evaluate the extent of the pair's friendship based on an Instagram story, it is clear that the two women have seemingly remained connected since their college years and appeared to enjoy spending time together in the Hamptons this past weekend.