Are Zac & Elizabeth Still Together? The 'Love Island' 2019 Winners Discuss Their Future Plans

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment

Love Island U.S. came to a triumphant end Wednesday, full of declarations of love and warm fuzzy feelings between the final couples. But nobody is happier about the outcome than the Love Island couple who won it all: Zac and Elizabeth. Amid the shock of learning that America voted them their favorite couple, the Night One sweethearts spoke to Bustle about their plans for their relationship outside the villa. So what's their first order of business once they get back to the States?

"She's going to go to Michigan and I'm going to go to Chicago," Zac tells Bustle. "I'm really excited to just meet the whole family, and then she's gonna come visit me in Chicago and she's gonna meet my whole family. From there, we're going to probably plan a vacation to Europe."

After that, they're not necessarily moving in together, but they're talking about moving to the same city. "We don't know yet exactly where we're gonna end up in terms of location," says Zac. "Neither [of us] are firmly planted anywhere. We're very open to going to different places, so we've just got to figure everything out and take it one step at a time. There's no pressure."

Isn't that nice? More reality dating shows should end with people doing just that: dating in reality. You don't need the stakes of an engagement or lifelong commitment. Zac and Elizabeth found something good on Love Island, and now they get to continue that relationship at their own pace.

While the pair had hardly any drama between them, they were frustrated to learn during a challenge midway through the season that America called them the most boring couple. Thankfully, that's something they can laugh about now. Elizabeth even points out that it's kind of a compliment.

"You know, boring isn't the worst thing," she says. "I think I would have been more upset if it was like we were called 'fake,' or like 'the feelings weren't real' — something like that would have upset me more. But I think boring just meant, you know, we don't have drama, and we're not toxic for each other, and we communicate very well."

They were there for the right reasons — whether that's fun to watch or not. While Zac and Elizabeth walked away with a hefty cash prize that will likely be funding their European getaway, neither of them say they came on the show for the money. "I didn't know there was prize money even until the initial coupling," Elizabeth says. "I was like, 'Wait, we win something?'"

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment

Neither of them even had high expectations of finding love. "I didn't think I was going to find somebody like Elizabeth," Zac says, noting that he set his expectations low. "But I definitely came in here to try." His sister showed him the UK series, and he was drawn to the dynamic in the villa — how fierce friendships and strong relationships form (and sometimes fizzle) quickly.

"I was hoping that we would get that same dynamic in the house where everyone really is looking out for each other and it was just such a great group of people," agrees Elizabeth. "I was worried, you know, like will that translate over to the U.S. version? All it takes sometimes is just one person to ruin the whole dynamic of the house, and we didn't have that. It was a really great group of people."

Plus, they have each other! "I was afraid to even let myself get too hopeful for [love] because I was just like, what are the chances? So all of this is just like completely taken me back," says Elizabeth. "I just kept saying like, where did they find Zac? Like where did they find you?" "They found me under the grocery store rock," he deadpans.

They will be watching their season back, by the way. "How many people get to say that their whole love journey is documented?" Zac notes. "I'm so excited to see everything, to see everything Elizabeth has said about me. SO excited." After howling with laughter, Elizabeth admits to making a comment early on about the possibility that Zac wears cargo shorts. If that's the most embarrassing thing she can say about him, they'll be just fine.

Through it all, Zac and Elizabeth remain grateful for their experience, and have plenty of advice to give to new Islanders now that the show is officially confirmed to return next summer for Season 2.

"You'll learn a lot about yourself and you'll make a bunch of friends and form relationships," says Elizabeth. "Go into it with an open heart and an open mind and really try not to judge people [at] face value or first impressions. Get to know everyone." And of course, apply for Love Island Season 2 ASAP if you're already excited about your chances of becoming the next power couple like Zac and Elizabeth.