Ariana Grande Just Performed Without Her Iconic Ponytail & Looks SO Different

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande is known for her high ponytail that trails down to her waist, but it looks like the artist isn't afraid to mess with her trademark look. Ariana Grande performed with her hair down, and it was a curve ball that fans were not ready for.

The artist arrived in Chicago this week for her Sweetener/Thank U, Next tour, and shocked everyone by arriving with her long hair sans ponytail. According to Refinery 29, Grande first teased her loose hairstyle on Instagram Stories, where she posted her pin straight hair hours before her Chicago concert began.

Fans began to take more serious notice of the hair change when Grande showed up to her pre-show meet-and-greet event sporting the same straight hair, but accented with sparkly hair clips. Sure enough, Grande eventually took the stage with her hair down, ditching her iconic high ponytail for the set. This made Twitter explode with frantic hair update tweets, which is a valid reaction since it's pretty rare to see Grande without her trademark up-do.

"Ariana is performing with her hair down this is not a drill," one concert goer exclaimed. In the tweet, the user attached a video of Grande performing "God Is a Woman," and her hair is loosely hanging around her shoulders and back.

While it's rare that she is without her ponytail, this is hardly the first time Grande performed with loose hair.

In 2018's MTV Video Music Awards just last year, Grande debuted her song "God Is a Woman" onstage with her hair down.

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In Nov. 2018, Grande revealed in a tweet that her ponytail causes her constant pain, but she doesn't care because she loves the look so much. The revelation was shared after Camila Cabello tried a high pony and hated how much pain she was in the entire time that she wore it. Cabello then asked Grande how she did it.

That's when Grande said she felt the same, but just gritted her way through the pain.

Earlier that year, Grande also tweeted about how her love affair with her high pony will probably never come to an end. In Aug. 2018, Grande was spotted multiple times with her hair down in a center part. Grande later tweeted that she was happy to be back to her old style, and that her trademark look was just one of those things that was "meant to be."

"My god going back to a high pony after a few days of not wearing a high pony is a remarkable feeling,” Grande wrote. “I’m just supposed to have a high pony u know? Some things are just meant to be and this is jus one of those things."

So while Grande might have performed her Chicago concert with her hair down, fans can probably assume that this isn't a new permanent look for the artist. Her hair is probably already up in its signature pony tail, and it will be another couple of months until we see Grande's hair loose again. Grande might have thrown fans a curve ball, but the high pony is still her trademark.