Ariana Grande Just Dropped A New Music Video That's An Ode To Her Fans & Friends

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to over-achieving, no one does it better than Ariana Grande. Not only has the singer released two albums in the past seven months, but she's also kicked off another world tour. And yet, somehow she still managed to find the time to gift her fans with another single that'll warm the very cockles of your heart. Once you give it a listen, there's no denying that Ariana Grande's "Monopoly" lyrics are an ode to her fans and closest friends, particularly when it comes to her real-life BFF Victoria Monét, who is featured throughout the song and accompanied music video.

Grande has teased the release of the new song all day, counting down the hours on Twitter. However, some fans feared this could all simply be another April Fools' Day prank. After all, how could Grande possibly find the time to deliver yet another chart-topping single? (Does this lady ever sleep?) And yet, she assured fans that it was happening and here we are.

As you can probably imagine, both Grande and Monét prove to make an unstoppably fierce team, showcasing both their vocal talents and their everlasting friendship throughout the video that'll make you want to throw an impromptu dance party with all of your own BFFs.

As a whole, the song and video are meant to celebrate the successful careers and friendships these two women share. It exudes confidence and empowerment in a way that makes this song feel more like an anthem for females the world over than just a regular song. Some of the lyrics go on to say:

"Remember when we made a f*ckin' album off that Clicquot? (Ooh) // I never track my vocals, so shout out to Eric Vetro (I love Eric Vetro, man) // This been buildin' up, I guess this friendship like Home Depot (Ooh) // I'm so thankful working with my best friend, she the chico // She the chico (Yeah)"

Grande first teased the existence of this song last week on Wednesday, March 27, tweeting how much she wanted fans to hear it. She wrote, "man, let’s drop it tomorrow night @VictoriaMonet seven rings is ab to be number one for eight weeks and the album might go back to no. 1 too.... we need to celebrate tbh ! life too short and too sweet rn. hmmmmmmm."

Monét responded shortly thereafter with a tweet of her own, stating that they should drop the single on Monday as a way to honoring being at the top of the Hot 100 chart for an eighth week.

And as they say, the rest is history. Now you have yet another Grande song to become addicted to for many months to come. Grande and Monét are just as excited as fans that their latest collaboration is now out in the open. Upon the single's release, Grande tweeted a gif of the two of them alongside the caption: "to friendship, freedom, protecting your energy and staying right in your bag we love you."

The feeling is mutual.