Ariana Grande Just Revealed Two New Tattoos In Her 'Breathin' Music Video

In the midst of all things festive, Arianna Grande's latest tribute to ex's, "Thank u, Next" is pretty much the anticipated vibe come this cuffing season. But among her song release and her live performance on Ellen, Ariana Grande had new ink to display in the release of her music for "Breathin." Tat reveals for Ari are like Beyonce album drops. There's nothing like it.

While looking glamorously gloom through a sea of clouds, Grande turns from the camera in the video, giving her fans a peek at two of her new tats behind her ear. One is a filled in heart and the other reads "R.E.M.", a song on her latest album, Sweetener. If you were at a loss for minimalist tat ideas, Grande's got a few ideas in her back pocket.

The new ink sits right between her neck and ear under another tattoo of a lightening bolt. Honestly though, with all the tats the singer has, she makes nearly all of them super subtle.

Clearly, the song entitled R.E.M off the Sweetener albumn was important enough for Ari to have it etched in skin and the song itself has a deeper meaning behind it. Which, is kind of, like, the only reason anyone would willingly endure that much pain.

With all of the smoke, oversized blazers and sped up motion for visuals, this is obviously a music video full of unpacking. Hard core Grande fans probably already know that REM happens to be the singer's favorite song on the album, which only released four months ago by the way. And the heart is mostly, well, she likes heart tats (see: right ring finger).

Grande had been dropping hints of the video for a while, but finally shared it to the world on Wednesday. Under a spotlight atop a pile of 50s luggage, the "Breathin" belter contemplates the song's advice, which is derived from her ongoing anxiety.

Back in August while she was promoting the album she revealed to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that she wrote it in relation to the panicked feeling. "Breathin’ is about breathing and when you’re anxious,” she said, "It’s about anxiety. You know when you feel like you can’t get a full breath? It’s like the worst feeling in the whole world. It’s just a song about that feeling.”

According to Grande, she experienced multiple attacks at any given time, and one day it caught her in the studio, but chose to write "Breathin" in response.

"They were like, ‘We’re gonna write this song.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I still can’t breathe, but we’ll write it.’ We made this song. I can kind of breathe now. Progress.”

Despite all the scrutiny Grande has surpassed from the attack on her London concert to ending her engagement, she's able to still keep her head above water. Thankfully, Arianna isn't the only who gets anxious, and this music video comes at a time where everyone could use a breather every now and again.