Ariana Grande's IG Post About "Thank U, Next" Really Captures The Message Of The Song

by Mary Kate McGrath
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Thank U, Next" is more than a breakup anthem, and listeners can't get enough of the song's message of positivity and empowerment. Ariana Grande's Instagram post about "Thank U, Next," posted on Sunday night, thanks all her fans for the support and really captures the spirit of the song. The singer dropped the new track on Saturday night in the wake of her public split from comedian Pete Davidson. But instead of focusing on the negative side of the split, Grande names each of her past exes and celebrates them for helping her grow.

Fans reached out to the star to share love for the song on social media. Grande responded to this outpouring of love on Instagram, posting a photo with a special message for listeners. She wrote:

"thank u for hearing me and for making me feel so not alone i truly am grateful. no matter how painful! i’m thankful and i love u. breathin video this week too! thank u, next"

Her post highlights how the song made her feel less lonely during the difficult time. Even though the split with Davidson was likely painful, "Thank U, Next" shows that she's turning the breakup into an opportunity for acceptance and growth.

This is a similar theme to many of the songs on her latest release, Sweetener. In the past couple of years, the singer has been through plenty of difficult experiences. Grande has been open about her experience with PTSD and anxiety following the tragic bombing at her concert in Manchester in May 2017.

Then in October, Grande's ex-boyfriend Mac Miller passed away unexpectedly. The two dated for two years, and before were longtime friends as well as musical collaborators. In the face of tragedy, Grande has been able to turn the pain into strength through her music. It's a message that resonates with fans, and many made sure to let her know how much this meant on social media.

The photo wasn't the only way Grande acknowledged the overwhelming reaction from fans after the song's release. Throughout the weekend, the singer shared fans videos and posts about the song to her Instagram Story. In addition to fans, the positive reactions on social media came from fellow stars like Halsey, Camila Cabello, and Kim Kardashian.

In addition to the Instagram post, Grande also interacted with fans on Twitter, liking many tweets about the song. On Sunday, she also took to the platform to tweet: "hi i’m crying again. thank u and i love u."

Before its release, Grande explained the inspiration for the upcoming track. After announcing "Thank U, Next", she tweeted that the track would not be a typical breakup song, writing: "No drags...no shade...jus love, gratitude, acceptance, honesty and growth."

One fan with the handle @willfulariana, responded to the news by tweeting: "a track about empowerment? i’m all here for it! i love you so much, your energy right now is AMAZING ma’am". Grande affirmed the sentiment, writing back: "exactly .... a new chapter gratitude, growth, embracing our path bumps n all .... thank u, next" with a heart emoji.

If the reaction from fans wasn't enough to guarantee "Thank U, Next" was a hit, the song is already at the top of the Spotify charts in the U.S. The singer's ability to turn painful experiences into positive music is resonating with listeners across the world, and fans can likely look forward to Grande's songs being at the top of these lists for weeks to come.