Ariana Grande's Throwback Video On Instagram Proves She Was Always A Star

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This singer was always destined for fame. On Sunday, Ariana Grande shared a throwback video on Instagram that proves she's been a star since way back when. In the adorable video, young Grande is enjoying the sunshine, and she also does a little goodbye dance for the camera. The uplifting post is just the latest update from the singer, who has been particularly active on social media, especially since her tour kicked off.

Followers may be expecting fashion updates or moments from the Sweetener world tour, but fans also loved the throwback post. In the video, Grande can be seen in an apartment, and one of her family members is presumably filming. "Isn't this wonderful?" the person behind the camera asks. "Yes," Grande said, running to the window. "The sun is shining out so bright. Look!"

Grande also shared the end of the video, where she can be seen waving and doing a little dance. "Bye-bye," she said. She captioned the video with her signature black heart, but also added a comment, writing, "the Shun is SINING so PRETTY." It's clear that Grande has always had her positive attitude, and the video is yet another reminder why she's become such a megastar.

Fans shared plenty of supportive comments on the adorable post. Fashion designer Hayden Williams wrote, "You were like a mini Tai from Clueless I can't deal" with a crying face and heart emoji. Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic also chimed in, writing simply, "Omg" with a heart emoji. Charlie Puth wrote, "So cute."

Several other users pointed out how little had the star had changed since her younger years. One fan wrote, "this is literally still you now :')." The singer responded to the comment to agree, writing, "literally. fresh out of the shower / sans pony. 0 difference."

Ariana Grande/Instagram

On Sunday, the Sweetener singer also shared another funny childhood memory that foreshadowed her musical career. Grande posted a video of a cat meowing, but being interrupted by his owner on her Instagram Story, writing, "me when i was 2 and my mom hired princess jasmine to sing myself."

Not only is Grande reminiscing on Instagram, but she's also been preparing to release new music. On Monday, Grande will release a new single "Monopoly" which features her longtime friend Victoria Monét, as per NME. She teased the song on her Instagram story, writing, "v excited to give you our lil present tomorrow.be online round 5pm est."

Grande also shared a countdown for the song on Monday, which features childhood photos of both singers. The pictures have a superlative above them that reads, "Most Likely To Succeed," and the post also reads "a thank u to them fans."

On Wednesday, Grande teased the track for fans on Twitter, writing how exciting the release was:

"man, let’s drop it tomorrow night @VictoriaMonet. seven rings is ab to be number one for eight weeks and the album might go back to no. 1 too.... we need to celebrate tbh ! life too short and too sweet rn. hmmmmmmm."

Monét wrote back to suggest the song drop on Monday on Twitter, so as to celebrate "7 Rings" eight weeks on the top of the chart.

It's been a big year for Grande's music career, and the singer is clearly feeling nostalgic amid all the success. Her throwback video was a funny and sweet surprise for fans, but it's also a reminder that she's always been destined for stardom. Of course, Grande will also likely continue to drop chart-topping singles just in case.