Arnold And Bush Sr. Do Lunch

by Chris Tognotti
Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

On Friday, two former high-profile Republican officeholders got together, with the younger of the two praising the elder for how he "mentored" and "inspired" him. Can you guess who? Well, if you guessed that Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Bush Sr. just had lunch together, congratulations, because you were dead on.

And there's a photo to prove it. It wasn't just the two men, to be clear. Barbara Bush was also in attendance, the matriarch of the Bush family who served as first lady from 1989 to 1993, and has been married to George Sr. for the last 72 years. It was the first public appearance by the pair in a while, thanks to health issues on George Sr.'s part ― the 92-year-old former president has been hospitalized twice in the last five months for pneumonia, and in January he was joined by Barbara, who was suffering a reported bout of coughing and fatigue.

The trio dined following Schwarzenegger's commencement speech at the University of Houston, and he made sure to grab a photo to commemorate the experience. And to hear him tell it, he considers the Bushes "two of my greatest inspirations." Here's the post that went up on his Twitter account on Friday afternoon.

It's unclear what restaurant they dined at, but presumably it was in Houston, as that's where Schwarzenegger gave his speech, as well as where Barbara and George Sr. have lived for decades. On his Instagram, Schwarzenegger included a caption explaining his "great honor" at knowing the former president and first lady.

Today my speech to the graduates at the University of Houston was all about the people who helped me and inspired me throughout my life - to show that I'm not a self-made man. Because when you acknowledge that you are the product of a lot of help, you will give back and help others. I was so lucky afterward to have lunch with two of my greatest inspirations. President Bush and Barbara have always put this country first and it will always be my great honor to call them friends and mentors. They inspired me to enter public service.

While the Bushes are both in their 90s and are no longer actively involved in Republican Party politics, Schwarzenegger has been the subject of recent buzz about a possible Senate run in his home state of California in 2018. It's fair to say that he'd be a longshot, however ― his tenure as governor ended in 2011 with dismally low approval ratings, and the Golden State is a stronghold for the Democratic Party.