Asda Is Selling Pink Gin Cream For Mince Pies (Or Spooning Straight Into Your Mouth)


Okay, so it's officially Christmas. What could be better than curling up by a nice warm fire and tucking into what can only be described as the official snack of Christmas — a mince pie? Some like a mince pie on its own, others prefer a dollop of custard, but most enjoy with a thick helping of cream. Delicious. This partnered with a gin and tonic, makes for the perfect evening. Now, two of the best things — pink gin and cream have merged in Asda's new pink gin cream. Yep, that's right. This really is the season to be jolly.

Asda have titled the new product the "extra special pink gin cream" and it could be all yours for just £2.00 a pop. According to The Mirror, the dessert accompaniment is made from of sweetened British double cream with flavours of pink gin and mulled fruit. I can already taste those Christmassy flavours.

A spokesperson for Asda said of the new launch: "we’re really excited to bring our customers a boozy twist on a Christmas staple. We’re seeing gin-infused foods continue as a big theme within and with Pink Gin still rising in popularity, we wanted to ensure that Brits could still savour their favourite flavour throughout winter in the form of this delicious cream!"

And Asda's new offering isn't alone in the world of deliciously boozy creams, because Waitrose also offer a Bailey's double cream, I don't know about you but that sounds delicious. You'll be able to purchase your very own pink gin cream in store and online from Asda. But beware, it's only available until December 26, so you'd better stock up while you can.