Ashley Graham's Family Text Message About Her Bush Will Make You Laugh & Cringe

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Some families are more open than others, and that's totally cool. It seems like one of the major models of the moment and her mom may be hitting Loreali and Rory Gilmore status. Ashley Graham texted her mom about her bush, and it was kind of amazingly hilarious but also maybe a little uncomfortable. Maybe you're not the type to chat your fam about what's going on downstairs, but hey, body hair is just body hair after all.

If you follow Graham on social media, you've probably seen that she's once again gracing the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The annual glossy has become one of the most well-known publications, and Graham's appearance isn't exactly foreign to the magazine. She first appeared back in 2015 when SwimsuitsForAll had an ad featuring Graham. The following year, Graham landed the cover, and the gorgeous curvy model just kept going. She also landed the 2017 edition, and now, she's back for 2018.

This time, she's teasing images from her shoot, and if you've seen her social media, you know that there isn't much fabric to those swimsuits (which is pretty refreshing giving the lack of bikinis in plus size fashion). It was the lack of material that led to a hilarious conversation with her family.

The group messages started with a member of the chain editing pubic hair onto Graham in a photo where her swimsuit, well, is basically not on her any longer. Graham returned fire joking that the person wished her bush was like her own, and soon, Graham's mother and sister joined in with her sister joking about her bush to the tune of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," and finally, her mother saying she's bush-free.

While not everyone would talk to their moms about their pubic hair, not everyone has a mom who wants to talk about their bush. However, it's hard to deny that the conversation was hilarious, and if you've got an outspoken family, you know what it's like to be involved in these types of group messages. They're a common occurrence.

While Graham's text messages may be hilarious and her photos may be gorgeous, her appearance in the issue is much bigger than a bit of a laugh and an audible gasp over how stunning she looks. Graham has been a pioneer for plus size women in the modeling industry, and considering that up until Graham, a curvy woman had not appeared in the glossy, her continued participation (alongside other incredible plus size models like Robyn Lawley and Hunter McGrady) in the issue is inspiring for women looking for images of themselves in the media.

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In a video for her cover in 2016, Graham explained why her appearance as the first size 14 model in Sports Illustrated is so important saying, "This to me is only telling where the future of fashion and Sports Illustrated are headed. I think this is going to be a huge stepping stone for so many different types of publications."

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Now, she's back, and she's looking gorgeous in the latest issue and giving her fans sneak peeks and a video to boot. Mere mortals are not worthy of Graham's inner and outer beauty.

Even fellow model Martha Hunt couldn't help but comment on Graham's Twitter video.

Her fans certainly seem to be in love with her newest feature in the magazine.

Bush or no, Graham looks amazing. Regardless of whether you'd choose to talk to your mom and sister about your downstairs hair situation, it's another glimpse into Graham's fun side, and it's actually kind of great. You go, Ashley Graham.