Ashley I. Is Done With ‘Bachelor’ Shows… At Least As A Contestant

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It looks like one popular Bachelor star is done being a cast member for good. Ashley I. said that she won't do Bachelor shows anymore in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. However, fans shouldn't worry about never seeing her on TV again. The four-time contestant also said that there's a chance that she may come back to one of the shows in a much smaller capacity.

Ashley opened up about her recent split with Bachelor Winter Games contestant Kevin Wendt to the publication. Although, the convo quickly diverged into Jared Haibon territory, a fellow contestant on two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise who Ashley had a romantic entanglement and friendship with. But, would she go back to the Bachelor shows to once again find a connection? Nope.

Ashley told Entertainment Tonight, when asked whether she'd give the ABC shows another go, "I’m going to go ahead and say [I won't be] a cast member on any more Bachelor shows." But, she also clarified that that doesn't mean that you'll never see her again on one of your favorite Bachelor shows. She continued, "If they want me to come back for cameos, [I'm] all for it, but not a cast member on The Bachelor again."

So, don't count on Ashley to compete for roses and love anymore. She's done with that portion of the show. But, she could always pop up in some kind of fun guest role on one of these shows. Maybe she could step into a co-bartending role alongside Wells on Paradise?

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Ashley isn't down to look for love on TV anymore. It also seems like the contestant would simply be too busy to devote herself to full-time status on any of the ABC reality shows. The Bachelor In Paradise star has two podcasts that she's juggling right now, The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast that she co-hosts with former Bachelor Ben Higgins and I Don't Get It where she discusses topics ranging from relationships to pop culture with her sister, Lauren Iaconetti. She's also made frequent appearances on Celebrity Page TV as a correspondent where she's discussed everything from cool, new products to ways to stay healthy.

However, Ashley hasn't strayed far from her reality dating show roots with all of her side projects. She's currently putting on her Chris Harrison hat as the host of the YouTube series The Story of Us. On the show, the Bachelor Winter Games star interview various long-term and newly together couples in order to try and find out how they make their love work. It honestly sounds like the perfect series for the longtime Bachelor contestant to host.

Ashley first got her start on The Bachelor when she competed for Chris Soules' heart on Season 19 of the series, but she didn't end up finding love with the titular suitor on the show.

After her Bachelor stint, she made her way to Paradise, where she immediately hit things off with Jared. In fact, the two had an up-and-down relationship throughout two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise. Their relationship was such a focal point of the show, that it's likely that fans are wondering where the two stand right now. Well, according to Ashley's comments to Entertainment Tonight, there may be hope for those two yet, especially after she just broke things off with her Bachelor Winter Games beau, Kevin, in early March.

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In terms of whether fans could expect an Ashley and Jared reunion, she told the publication, "Time will only tell." So, while Ashley may not compete for love on yet another ABC show, that doesn't mean that there still isn't the possibility for love with a fellow Bachelor contestant sometime in the future.