This Inspiring ASOS Collab Will Help Refugees & Update Your Tee Collection

by Lauren Sharkey

The world is experiencing a refugee crisis. Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes as a result of issues such as conflict, violence, and persecution. Governments often provide little assistance, leaving charities to take on the majority of the life-saving work. Help Refugees is one charity turning to fashion for help. It has teamed up with 11 designers for a Choose Love T-shirt collection sold exclusively on ASOS. And all of the profits will go toward improving the lives of refugees.

Help Refugees was formed when three friends started a hashtag to raise £1,000 for refugees living in Calais. Within a week, that £1,000 turned into £50,000. Now, they help people in several countries, including Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, and Turkey. It's a vital effort. As the Guardian reports, around 900,000 people are waiting to have their asylum claims processed in the EU. Some may be in limbo for years.

According to Help Refugees, 89 percent of donations go straight to the people that need them, providing local organisations with funding refugees with essential food and shelter. The charity first teamed up with designer-slash-activist Katherine Hamnett, reissuing her famous Choose Love T-shirt.

Now, it has asked 11 brands to rework the positive slogan however they see fit. Rixo has harked back to the '60s while Hillier Bartley has opted for a punk take on the motivational message. Each unisex tee will set you back just £30 and is available in UK size 6 to 18. Hamnett's original Help Refugees designs are also available on ASOS along with Curve editions (available in UK size 16 to 30), notebooks, jewellery, and tote bags.

Here's a rundown of the new collab.


Fashion can do good. All you have to do is support it.