ASOS Is Launching A Makeup Line That You Need To Shop

Courtesy ASOS

Odds are that ASOS is already one of your go-to places to shop for inexpensive makeup. Well, now the online retailer is adding one more brand to their makeup offerings — their own. The beauty portion of the ASOS site is relaunching as Face + Body, and the new ASOS Makeup collection is taking center stage. From millennial pink packaging to versatile beauty items, this is one beauty line that is a welcomed surprise.

If sleek and minimalist staples are your thing, ASOS has you covered. The brand is launching 16 different products in all different shades that cover all of your face and body basics. I'm talking everything from classic stick highlighters to mascaras to bronzers.

You don't have much longer to wait to add these brand new items to your makeup bag, either. ASOS Makeup will officially be available on Sept. 20 exclusively on the brand's website. It will be a permanent collection, which means that you don't have to stock up all at once. But between the shades, packaging, and affordable price tag, you'll definitely want to grab as much as you can.

ASOS gave Bustle early access to the products, and the quality is super stellar. From pigmented lipsticks to blushes that give a perfect flush, these items get a solid A-plus. Plus, they products will look sleek and modern on your vanity, thanks to delightfully minimalistic packaging.

Courtesy ASOS

Not only is the packaging and shade selection on-point, but the price is, too. Every single one of these items ranges from $8 to $19, which means you can have it all without breaking the bank.

The only thing ASOS Beauty currently sells is a makeup bag. You can add that to your next order to get ready for the big launch.

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According to the brand, this is only the first wave of products in the new collection. The second round will be here in January 2018.

There's no telling what the next collection will include, but you'll have plenty of makeup to hold you over until then.

Courtesy ASOS

Mark those calendars, my friends, because something tells me that these products will fly off the virtual shelves.