ASOS Shipping Is About To Get Even Faster For US Shoppers

by Kali Borovic
Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get your wallets ready, because ASOS is giving you a few more incredible reasons to shop. According to a press release, ASOS is opening a US warehouse. That might sound like boring news, but wait until you hear what it means for shoppers. I'm talking faster shipping, speedy returns, and even more incredible styles than before.

ASOS is a powerhouse in the fast fashion world. The company has 85,000 different items online, carries over 900 brands, and adds 5,000 new items every single week. If you can believe it, it's about to get even better with this warehouse news. ASOS is opening the facility in Georgia within the next year. Whether you're in New York, California, or any place in-between, you can expect some positive changes from your fave online shop.

According to the press release, the Georgia-based warehouse will carry 10,000,000 units of product. That means next-day shopping will be available, and returns will be processed even faster. Basically, the brand has been listening to customers, and it's about to pay off big time.

The change won't be instant. The warehouse will be up and running sometime in 2018. Until then, everything will stay the same shopping (and shipping) wise. The updates will kick in as soon as the new fulfillment center is up and running. And although the brand hasn't announced anything on their social media page just yet, they'll let you know when the changes begin.

According to Business Insider, US sales make up for 12 percent of ASOS's total sales globally, and are growing twice as fast as UK sales. Considering the growth, the US warehouse seems like the perfect next step to please customers across the pond.

"Our US fulfillment center will enable us to significantly develop our proposition for our 20-something US customers supporting our continued growth and future ambitions," CEO Nick Beighton told Business Insider.

Is there anything better than an already great brand going out of their way to please even more customers? Rhetorical question.