Photo Shoots May Change Forever After Coronavirus & ASOS Is Leading The Way


With most people living under quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, brands are finding new and innovative ways to produce photo shoots to showcase their product. ASOS is turning to the use of augmented reality (AR) technology as an alternative to in-person fashion shoots. Their aim is to give customers a simulated view of models wearing items from the brand while protecting real-life staffers in the process.

Using AR technology, ASOS will digitally fit six different models with up to 500 products per week. "By digitally mapping each product onto the model in a realistic way, taking account of the size, cut, and fit of each garment," they explained, "the technology ensures product presentation remains as realistic and engaging as possible while supporting social distancing.”

While this technology is particularly useful during the COVID-19 outbreak, it was actually trialed back in January when the brand launched See My Fit, a program designed to make e-commerce more inclusive. That feature used AR technology developed alongside Israeli AR and AI company Zeekit to “help customers make more informed purchasing choices by better showing" how products look on models of varying body types and sizes.