ASOS Just Printed 17,000 Bags With A Typo — And The Brand's Response Is Perfect

ASOS Twitter

Everyone makes mistakes — even billion dollar companies. According to the brand's tweet, ASOS printed 17,000 bags with a typo on it. The brand didn't leave it to their fans to find out though. The fast fashion company is owning the mistake and people are loving it. If you weren't already obsessed with the brand, you will be soon.

Just when you thought that your misspelled tweet was bad, ASOS is here to up you one. The brand printed 17,000 of their clear clothing bags with a spelling mistake on it. The bag's read "discover fashion onilne" instead of "discover fashion online." Instead of waiting for the customers to find out for themselves, they put the image on Twitter to poke some fun at itself.

"Ok, so we *may* have printed 17,000 bags with a typo. We’re calling it a limited edition," the tweet reads.

Let's be honest, there are worse things that could've happened here. No one was permanently inked and no bags are being wasted. So pretty much everyone wins in this scenario.

Fans are loving the brand's honestly, too. People are replying to the tweet saying that they're going to order just to see if they get one of these bags. The brand is even taking the time to respond to customer's responses as well.

People are obsessed with the fact that ASOS is keeping the bags. According to the tweet, the brand will keep all 17,000 of the bags to use and just call them limited edition. Fans replied to the tweet saying that the bags will likely be resold on eBay for a ton of money. While people might be joking, there's a good chance that this will actually happen. It's like finding the golden ticket.

The tweet isn't just making people fans of the brand, either. It's bringing up a bigger conversation about how much packaging is used in fast fashion. While some are praising the brand for reusing them, others are interested to know if ASOS is socially conscious of the packaging they're using.

Spoiler alert: They are.

When asked if the bags are recyclable, the brand responded to the Twitter user by saying, "As an online retailer, we source over 40 million plastic mailing bags and 5 million cardboard mailing boxes a year, all of which are recyclable! You can find out more on how we deal with packaging and waste here at ASOS by clicking here Tom"

The conversation didn't stop there though. While ASOS was quick to respond back to people's tweets, that didn't stop people from begging them to be more environmentally friendly. The brand is responding to some of the tweets to reassure fans that they are being heard.

"I appreciate the steps you've taken so far but it's just not enough," Twitter user nvrdnrkpolitics wrote. "Technically speaking all packaging is recyclable. There is major difference between Recyclable & Biodegradable. However, why use plastic at all when you really don't have to?"

The brand said that they would pass the feedback on to the specialist team. Bustle reached out to the brand to see what that exactly means and if this information will actually help to better the environmental stance of the company. Of course, only time will tell with a comment this complex.

ASOS isn't the only brand that has had a mistake or two in its day. Other brands have also responded saying that they've done the exact same thing. It's nice to see that brands are banning together instead of calling each other out. After all, spelling errors happen to the best of us, and no one is immune.