This August Is Going To Be Colder Than Usual, Especially If You Live In These Areas

Christmas is coming early this year — in terms of weather, not presents raining from the sky. (You still have to wait until December for that one.) The dog days of summer may be in full swing, but meteorologists have predicted that this year, the beginning of August will be especially chilly thanks to unusual activity in the jet stream. It's still summer, of course, so it's going to be more of a cool snap than a cold one. But if you're tired of sweating off your makeup by 10 a.m. every day, the next two weeks will be heavenly.

On Friday, the Weather Channel announced that temperatures are expected to be lower than average in parts of the Midwest and Eastern United States. A southward dip in the jet stream (also known as a "trough" in meteorological speak) will drop temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees below average in these areas — except in the places where it might swing all the way down to 30 degrees below. As the cold front heads eastward, it's going to bring cooler weather with it, until most of the country is experiencing much lower temperatures than usual. Only areas of south Florida and Texas will avoid catching a premature glimpse of autumn this year.

If you live west of the Rockies, though, don't get too excited. The jet stream pattern also includes a bulge currently heating up the Pacific Northwest. In fact, they might even experience record high temperatures. Deepest sympathies, my fellow sweater lovers.

The Weather Channel expects the below-average temperatures to stick around through mid-August. The South and East might start to moderate sometime next week, but another cold front might suppress temperatures again shortly afterward.

However, like all good things, the cool weather won't last. Earlier this summer, the Weather Channel reported that fall 2017 may be hotter than average, particularly in the Southwest and areas of the Midwest. However, the entire continental United States is expected to experience average or above-average temperatures, thereby ruining everyone's beloved PSL season. It's almost like the climate is changing!

So... time to start making homemade pumpkin spice lattes, right? The Unicorn Frappuccino is cool and all, but no Starbucks beverage will ever be as autumnal as the PSL. When you pack up your bikinis and cutoffs this week, don't shove them too far in the back of your closet — you might need them again before the year is up.