Australia Finally Legalized Same-Sex Marriage & Twitter Is Jumping For Joy

Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Thursday, Dec. 7 will now go down in Australia's history books as the day Australia legalized same-sex marriage. The country's parliament passed the marriage equality bill almost unanimously, with only four members opposing. After declaring in 2004 that marriage was only between a man and a woman, this recent reversal means Australia now joins 24 other countries that recognize same-sex marriage. The vote was broadcast live and after years of activists campaigning and lobbying for this LGBTQ victory, Australians were literally jumping for joy after securing the "yes" vote.

The cross-party bill becomes official law of the land sometime this month. Thousands of Australian same-sex couples who have already married in foreign countries will also have their marriages automatically recognized. In a television interview on ABC News, the author of the bill Sen. Dean Smith said the passage of marriage equality was “a measure of what can be done when people put some of their partisan politics behind.” Smith is also the first openly gay federal parliamentarian in Australia's Liberal party.

Rainbow flags are flying on Thursday as people celebrate outside and share their happiness online. Twitter captured much of the jubilance. Below are some of the most joyous and heartwarming reactions.

Happy Dance

Australian celebrity Magda Szubanski began advocating for same-sex marriage after coming out as gay in 2012. Along with with her activism, it turns out she has pretty sweet dance moves as well.

A Cross-Party Lift

Labor MP Linda Burney caught some major air after Liberal MP Warren Entschafter gave her a big lift following the passing of the Marriage Amendment Bill.

"We Are Australian!"

Wide applause wasn't enough as people broke out into chants.


The intersectionality gave Australians something to be proud of.

Who's Ready To Get Married?

The LGBTQ community is ready to collect those marriage certificates.

Not Just For Sims Anymore

Australians don't have to limit themselves to making their gay Sims characters marry. They can see it happen in reality, too.

Fly That Flag High

Rainbow flags were flying everywhere, from official flag poles to buildings to the streets.

All The Street Love

Scenes from the street showed plenty of smiling crowds.

Rainbows Everywhere

Australia began lighting rainbows on their landmarks.


...including the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Stream Of Love

The "likes" and "loves" were flowing on the marriage equality vote's Facebook live stream.

Pretty Sure That's A Yes

See all those people on the left? They're the ones who voted "yes."

Some Heroes Don't Wear Capes

And for the four people who voted "no" — DENIED.

Time For A Group Jump

There were jumps for joy throughout the country.

Kudos From Abroad

People in other countries congratulated Australia on its achievement.

A Heartfelt Thank You

It's been a more than decade-long struggle, but Australia finally made it happen.

Australia follows Germany, Malta, and Finland on the list of countries that legalized same-sex marriage in 2017. Austria and Taiwan are also likely to join the list sometime in the next year or two.